Sunday Links – April 3, 2022

Inspired by the Atlanta pen show running this weekend, I had a fountain pen heavy week. Not necessarily using them, but much of what I did was fountain pen centered. In fact, while they got daily use, my fountain pen usage was down from the previous week.

On Tuesday I spent the day cleaning the pens leaving the rotation, and inspecting my vintage Sheaffer pens. I water tested all the Sheaffers and found three that wouldn’t take in water. I already had two pens in the queue for new sacs, so I re-saced those two.

On Wednesday I tested the newly repaired pens, after letting them sit overnight to make sure the shellac is really dry. Then I moved on to inking up the pens I want in the rotation. I got caught up in playing with pens, and inked up more than expected. I wrote about my pen selections here.

Thursday was spent packing for the pen show and getting ready. Plus, doing the non-pen stuff that I had been putting off so I could have more pen time.

I figure I need to cut this off here (Thursday evening) to schedule it for Sunday morning. I’ll schedule the post for the usual time, and add any new links before it actually publishes. Personally, I like having the links for Sunday reading so I can read them with my Sunday morning tea. Any Atlanta Pen Show related posts, or any additional recap of my fountain pen week will occur sometime after this publishes.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Reading: The Escape by David Baldacci. This is volume 3 of his Puller series. For some reason, the second volume had over 30 holds at my library (for two copies) so I skipped it and took volume 3 which was available immediately. It’s been slow progress on this one. There have been days I haven’t touched it. It’s time for me to take a Baldacci break and switch to another author after I finish this book.

New Arrivals

Anything new from the Atlanta Pen show will be covered in a future post.

Out of Rotation

  1. The Esterbrook (Kenro) Estie Oversized, Scarlet (Scribe) was inked up back on January 7, 2022 with Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrün. It’s already inked back up.
  2. The *Esterbrook (Kenro) Estie Oversized, Maraschino (Steel Journaler) was inked up back on January 7, 2022 with Sheaffer Red ink. It’s already inked back up.

Into Rotation

See my currently inked post for a full list of my inked pens.

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