Currently Inked: Atlanta Pen Show Edition

Photo of the pens I'm bringing to the Atlanta Pen show.
My original goal was seven pens. I have no restraint. But only 14 have ink.

I spent a lot of time today selecting, and inking up pens for my trip to the Atlanta pen show. As is usually the case with me, the number of pens kept growing. I’d touch a pen and it would beg me to allow it to make the trip. I can’t say no. I quickly outgrew the Franklin-Christoph Seven Pen Wrap. Not all the pens in the photo are inked up (only 14 out of the 22). Twice as many as my original plan.

I picked pens that fell into two groups. First, pens that are my favorites, at least at this moment in time (I am fickle). And pens that have a unique or rare feature people may want to see or try. Although, being a pen show I doubt these will be unique in the room. The pens on the left side of the photo., plus the two in the center, plus the two in the bottom right are inked up. Short Fill means I only pulled in enough in to be just visible in the converter. I do have a 15th pen inked, the Pilot Custom 823 (F) with Montblanc Bordeaux ink. I forgot about this one when I took the photo. It’s in my journal, and is staying home.

A lot of pens have Montblanc Bordeaux. It’s my favorite ink and I have a lot left. Combine this with my dearth of bottled ink and it was an obvious choice. If I used cartridges I’d either dump a lot of ink of have the pens inked up forever.

So starting at the top left of the photo, and working down the left side:

Pilot Custom 912, Posting Nib, in basic Black with a Pilot Purple Cartridge: I decided to go with purple, even though the ink would probably look better with a wider nib.

Esterbrook (Kenro) Estie Oversized in Maraschino, Journaler nib with a Montblanc Bordeaux short fill: I love all three of my OS Estie. I’m bringing this because of the Journaler nib by Gena Salorino, who Esterbrook partnered with. More importantly, I love the pen.

Esterbrook (Kenro) Estie Oversized in Scarlet, Scribe nib with a Montblanc Bordeaux short fill: I love all three of my OS Estie along. I’m bringing this because of the Scribe nib by Josh Lax, who Esterbrook partnered with. More importantly, I love the pen.

Fisher of Pens Hermes in Vintage Web Green, Fine nib with a Montblanc British Racing Green short fill:. It’s been far too long since I inked this one up. I gave it a short fill because there a chance I’ll have a nib grind done on it. So, less ink to dump.

Kanilea Kona Cherry, Extra-Fine nib with Montblanc Bordeaux ink: My favorite pen and ink paired together. I worked to get every drop ion ink possible into the converter. The pen took awhile to break me in, so it was a bit rough a first. It finally got me trained and it’s been my solid #1 since them.

Sheaffer Legacy with a Custom Blue Fleck body,and a Blade Turk (XXF) nib by Marc Bacas and filled with a Sheaffer Green cartridge. I’m not a fan of blue pens, or gold trim. Except with this pen for some reason. Probably because it’s a Sheaffer. The body was made by Franklin-Christoph for Jim Rouse, which makes it more special, although he was still alive when I bought it.

Diplomat Aero in Green with a 14 kt. Fine nib with a Montblanc British Racing Green short fill. I’m bringing the pen in case someone wants to try a stock Diplomat gold nib. I like the pen and the nib, but I don’t think it’s worth the price bump. At least not for a fine nib. I was never a Green Arrow comic book fan, but I do refer to this one as the Green Aero.

Diplomat Aero Volute with a Oblique Fine nib and Waterman Mysterious Blue ink. The aesthetic of this pen fires on all cylinders for me. The Mark Bacas oblique fine nib elevates this pen so it writes as good as it looks.

Pilot Elite Steel Lined Pocket Pen with an 18 kt Fine nib and filled with a Pilot Blue-Black cartridge: Even I was surprised by how much I like this pen. While too small for me to use in extended writing sessions, it’s fine for an hour or so.

Sailor Pro Gear Regency Stripe with an Extra-Fine 21 kt gold nib and a Sailor Shikiori Chu-Shu ink cartridge. Another small (for me) pen, but the metal gives it weight which makes it usable for me. I love the thin Japanese extra-fine nib.

Then in the center is the Pilot Vanishing Point Red Bamboo with a XXF gold nib and a Pilot Blue-Black cartridge. which will be in my shirt pocket during the show.

The **TWSBI Swipe which still has the Sheaffer Red ** that was loaded into the oversized converter last year. It’s nearly empty, but I forgot to clean in. It’s staying home.

Now we move to the bottom right side and work our way up.

I just re-saced the Grey Pearl Striated Sheaffer Balance Oversize with a 14kt Fine nib and Montblanc Bordeaux ink. This is the first fill with the new sac so I was hesitant to carry it on the trip. It’s been a few years since I replaced a sac. I love the grey & black aesthetic and Sheaffer nibs are great.

Sailor 1911L Ringless in Epinard with a 21 kt. Gold Zoom nib and a Sailor Shikiori Waka-Uguisu cartridge It’s my play pen. Not at all suitable to my writing, but I like doodling with it and varying the lines. I’m bringing it in case someone wants to try a zoom nib.

That’s it for all the inked pens.

The other pens in the case, continuing up the right side:

Edison Huron Grande in Flecked Red/White/Blue and with a Extra-Fine nib I’m bringing this for self defense, since I can use it as a club. I can’t believe I used to eyedropper fill this pen.

The next two are the Franklin-Christoph Model 02 v2 in Gemstone with an Extra-Fine nib and the Franklin-Christoph Model 02 v1 in Emerald Green and with a Needlepoint nib. Both of these were in my Next to ink queue but didn’t make the cut this time. I’m bringing them because they were already in the case, and in the event anyone wants to see the different between the OG Model 02 and the current Model.

Lamy Safari Petrol with a Medium steel nib I’m bringing this one as a possible sale, although the nib on it is a grind candidate. It’s one of my least favorite (relatively speaking) Safaris, and prices are high. So it’s possible I could sell it.

Spoke Icon with a British Racing Green Barrel and a Brass insert and an extra-fine nib. I wanted to ink this one up, but had too many pens inked up by the time I got to it.

Sailor King of Pen (KOP) Royal Tangerine with a Oblique Medium nib: This is still a favorite of mine.

Esterbrook (Kenro) Estie in Evergreen with an Extra-Fine nib: This pen has long been a sale candidate since I prefer the Oversized version, but I haven’t been that aggressive. It’s possible I get this nib ground to a needlepoint and then swap it among my OS Esties. That would leave this pen nib-less. This depends upon the availability of Esterbrook’s Needlepoint as a nib-only purchase. I don’t want another Estie pen.

Esterbrook (Kenro) Estie in Seaglass with an Extra-Fine nib.: I wanted to ink all three OS Esties, but held this one back. It will get a Needlepoint nib and then some ink.

I’m also bringing three Lamy Safari pens, each with one of my Lamy gold nibs. Each is a candidate for a nib grind. The two obliques would be thinned to fine obliques and the extra-fine to a needlepoint.

I don’t feel any urge to buy new fountain pens. But I have so many potential nib grinds that I could go broke. I need to force myself to make decisions and do one oblique fine and one needlepoint. Obliques are rarely (never) done as Fine nibs, but I love the ones that I have.

If you’re reading this on Thursday (March 31st) and want to see another pen I have, contact me either through the contact page or Twitter @fpquest anf ask. I’ll be at the show Friday morning, depending on when I wake up and how traffic is, and also on Saturday.

My decision to attend was recent, but I’m getting more excited excited about going back to a pen show..

Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – March 27, 2022

My fountain pen usage felt like it was lower this week than last. I don’t keep track enough to be sure. I suppose I could go back and count pages, but then that would make it more like work. My habit of writing in the morning has become ingrained. I had a busy Saturday and want to get an early start to beat the crowds, and I woke later than usual. So I was going to skip the morning journal entry, but I couldn’t do it. I had to write one page before setting out. Then I wrote another page when I got back. So while it feels lower, it still a daily habit which makes me happy.

A better indicator of my lower writing output is that my average “last used” has gone from a high of 1 day ago last week, to a median of 3.5 days ago this week.

My inked fountain pens as listed in Fountain Pen Companion.
My inked fountain pen status as of Saturday afternoon using fountain pen companion.

Atlanta Pen Show

I will be attending the Atlanta Pen Show this coming Friday and Saturday. Even though I’m only about 45 minutes away I decided to make a reservation for Friday night. This will give me an opportunity to socialize Friday night and not have to worry about a drive home. This can also be worded as the bar is not off-limits. I do plan to get a weekend pass, so I can return on Sunday if I want to. Or, less likely, extend the reservation.

I don’t have many specific plans.

I’ll try to get appointments for a couple of nib grinds. I have a Lamy Oblique Medium that’s even wetter than my original Lamy Oblique Medium. I want to get that one ground down to an oblique fine. I also want to get a needlepoint nib, although the pen is undecided. I have to avoid the urge to get multiple nibs done. Often, when I can’t decide on pens, nibs, inks, or many other things, I often say “I’ll take one of each, please.”

I’ll see what’s available with the new Esterbrook needlepoint nib. Although, I don’t really want another pen. I do see that Esterbrook sells just the nib on their website, but I’m more likely to get one of my two Esterbrook extra-fines ground to a needlepoint if I get a chance at the show.

I know I just wrote I don’t really want another pen, I could be tempted by the new Pear Green TWSBI Swipe. At about $27 it doesn’t really count, does it?

Finally, I’ll look around for some ink cartridges. I don’t have enough color choices for my standard international cartridges, especially when compared to the number of pens that can use them. This will be even more true if Faber-Castell cartridges give me more problems.

It’ll be interesting to see what else catches my eye.

My last in-person pen show was the Long Island Pen Show in March 2020, just as pandemic shutdowns were about to begin. I have to admit, I’m a little hesitant to join a crowd, even at this point, but barring bad news, that is the plan.

Housekeeping/Scheduling Update

Since I’ll be attending the Atlanta Pen Show next weekend the Trail Log may be delayed. I may also just post links on Sunday morning, and then do a more detailed followup later on Sunday or Monday. I usually do most of the Trail Log on Saturday afternoon, so there will be an impact for sure. I won’t be traveling to the show with my computer, and using my phone will result in even more typos than usual.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Listening: Nemesis Games by James S.A. Corey. Book five of The Expanse. Thanks to a lot of driving, I was able to finish this one off. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Stopped Reading: Dutch Girl by Robert Matzen. A biography of Audrey Hepburn during the five years of the Nazi Occupation. Last Sunday I said this book was mediocre so far, about 25% through it, but that I’d keep going. That became a lie by the end of Sunday. After enjoying a David Baldacci novel Saturday night and Sunday, finishing it off in two days, I decided to return Dutch Girl. I’m in no frame of mind to read about war atrocities. I may borrow the book again, when I’m in a suitable frame of mind. Yes, Baldacci novels have bad people doing bad things, but it’s fiction and my brain knows that.

Read: Zero Day by David Baldacci. Yes, another Baldacci novel. This is volume one in his Puller series. I was in the proper frame of mind to read a book last weekend (mostly Sunday) and I completed this one in two days. I’ll give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Reading: The Escape by David Baldacci. This is volume 3 of his Puller series. For some reason, the second volume had over 30 holds at my library (for only two copies) so skipped it and took volume 3 which was available immediately. I did borrow volume 2 as an audio book and will listen once this one is done. Two Puller books at the same time would confuse the heck out of me, even if they’re in different formats.

New Arrivals






Out of Rotation

  1. Diplomat Aero, Green, 14kt Fine was inked with a Montblanc Emerald Green cartridge back on January 19, 2022. It finally went dry this week.
  2. Spoke Design Icon, British Racing Green / Brass, (Extra-Fine) was inked with a Montblanc Petit Prince Red Fox cartridge back on January 7, 2022. I have three other pens that were inked that same day and they’re still going strong.

Into Rotation

  1. I attempted to have the Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic, Gemstone, (Extra-Fine) join the rotation, but the Faber-Castell Moss Green cartridge flowed through the nib into the cap, make quite a mess when I wrote. The pen hadn’t been jostled or carried nib down. While I hesitate to blame a brand, this is not the first Faber-Castell cartridge that has had this issue. I’ll clean it out and try a different brans of ink. This happened the morning I was setting out for a day of traveling, so I just cleaned it up as fast ass possible. I’ll inspect the pen more closely of course, but I don’t expect to see any visible problems.
  2. Pilot Vanishing Point, Cherry Bamboo, XXF was inked with a Pilot Blue-Black cartridge. Immediately after using it I had to question myself as to why it’s been five months since this pen had ink loaded.
  3. Sailor Professional Gear, Regency Stripe, Extra Fine was inked with a Sailor Shikiori Chu-Shu – cartridge.


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Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – March 20, 2022

In last week’s Trail Log I mentioned that I was getting tired of transcribing while on my second page. By Wednesday I was restless on the first page and just wanted it done. I only made it through that first page because I had problems with the Pilot Custom 823. The 823 is a solid writer, problems are unheard of until now. The nib just dried up. And yes, the plunger was open to allow ink to reach the nib. I was able to prime the feed, which is a thrill on a vacuum filler. Ultimately it was mess free. That gave me an incentive to at least finish the page in order to test the pen. The 823 was also problem free when I used it again on Saturday.

I didn’t even attempt any transcription when Thursday rolled around. I’d been transcribing every morning so by then morning writing had become an enjoyable habit, at least until recently. So I kept writing every morning. My journaling has increased a couple pages every morning. I’ve also been making progress on my next pen review by writing one or two pages each morning. Both these tasks have me using my pens while doing something I consider productive, unlike transcribing.

I’ve been using my pens more frequently. As the Fountain Pen Companion screenshot (below) shows, all my pens had been used in the last two days. Part of this is because I’ve been writing in smaller A5 notebooks rather than the large writing pad. In addition, at least for the review, I use proper paragraphs when writing. For my journal and transcription, I just write a wall of words.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Read: A Gambling Man by David Balducci. Book two of the Archer series. I finished this one in short order. Like all Balducci books, the crimes tend to sprawl over time. Overall, I like this series better than the Memory Man books. But, I’ve only read two of these, so they haven’t had a chance to become repetitive. I like the post-WWII setting, which reads as realistic. (I’m not so old that I can judge based on personal experience.) I give this 4 out of 5 stars. The next book in series isn’t due out until next month.

Listening: Nemesis Games by James S.A. Corey. Book five of The Expanse. A little progress this week. I’m still enjoying it, but my time available for audiobooks has been limited. I’m just over two-thirds of the way through it.

Reading: Dutch Girl by Robert Matzen. A biography of Audrey Hepburn during the five years of the Nazi Occupation. The book got off to a slow start. A lot of words were used to cover her family history. Then it spends considerable time covering the initial German Invasion and Netherlands’ life in general. I set it aside, I just didn’t find it that engrossing. So far it’s been more about the extended family and town’s people than Audrey herself. Not unexpected since she was only 11 when Germany invaded Holland. I do plan to work my way through it. Some people complained that it was a Bait & Switch since Audrey is a minor character in the story. I don’t agree with the Bait & Switch. But, it’s not a Audrey Hepburn focused memoir, at least not yet. It does cover events that certainly affected her life. Such as the brutal execution of her favorite uncle in retaliation for an underground sabotage attempt, even though he had already been locked up as a hostage when it occurred.

Reading: Zero Day by David Baldacci. Yes, another Baldacci novel. This is volume one in his Puller series. I just started, so I don’t have an opinion, just expectations.

Out of Rotation

  1. Kanilea Kona Cherry (EF): I filled this with Montblanc Bordeaux back on January 12th. It was primarily used as my journaling pen for the last month, and it took awhile to write dry.

Into Rotation



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Off-Topic:xkcd: Consensus Time : Sounds like it could be fun. Let time we tried permanent DST, in the 70’s, and eliminated it a year before the experiment was to end, it was so unpopular. Personally, I like the idea. But, I don’t have kids or head out to work in the morning. I like writing in the quiet and darkness of early morning and having daylight to get outside once I’m done with work for the day.

Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – March 13, 2022

I’m still doing book transcriptions for most of my fountain pen usage. But this week brought a new experience. On Thursday and Friday I got really frustrated about half way through the second page and just wanted to get it done or stop. I only did one page on Saturday in order to avoid the entire issue. It’s rather sudden. I going along, enjoying the pen and ink, then a switch flips and the frustration immediately appears and I just want to be done.

I did reach a minor milestone on Saturday – I finished a Doane Paper Writing Pad. It took about 3 weeks. I only have one left.

My journaling also suffered recently. I skipped 4 straight days, which I don’t like. I got back into it and have actually been writing slightly longer entries.

I need to come up with some other reason to do writing. I have a bit of writers block when it comes to writing pen reviews these days. Rather than transcription, I may start forcing myself to write one or two pages about a pen, and eventually try to turn those into a review.

I still managed to keep rotating through my fountain pens. One pen did reach “Last Used: 7 Days Ago” and others reach 6 days. But I managed to get through them.

Fountain pen status as of Saturday afternoon. 9 inked pens

I get a tad obsessive about when I can mark a pen as used, and think about that definition far too much.

  1. If I write a full page that pen gets marked as used. Mostly this is American 8.5″ X 11″ pages. They can be A5, B5 or really any other notebook except a pocket notebook. Although I suppose if I wrote a wall of text on a pocket notebook page I’d consider the pen used.
  2. If a pen goes dry while I’m using it I will mark the pen as used, no matter how much it’s written. If it’s replacement writes most of a page I will mark it as used.
  3. My journaling pen, the Kanilea Kona Cherry, gets marked as used no matter how long (or short) the entry is.
  4. Writing notes on the go, or at my desk, does not qualify a pen to get marked as used, although part of me thinks it should be. There have been times where I’ve done a lot of notes and marked the pen as used that day.
  5. Except for #4, I consider a page a wall of text. A 25 item checklist of two or three words per item is not a page.

It would be far easier, and make more sense, if a pen was used when I uncapped it and put ink on paper, no matter what amount. I tried that, but then I couldn’t remember the pens I might of used during the day which would bother me.

But, I can be obsessive about things like this. For example, I’m keeping track of what I eat and their calories. But I can’t use an app. If I do I will obsess over the nutrition data and spend a lot of time making it match food labels. Even though I know, in my brain, that the nutrition info isn’t all that precise. Keeping it in a notebook is far less accurate, but I don’t obsess over it.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Read: Our Woman in Moscow by Beatriz Williams. Historical Fiction. Spy thriller that runs from WWII into the 1950’s. Again, I’m in the minority and found this book to be a slog. While it eventually stopped ping-ponging between the three timelines, it took a little long for my tastes, as the present timeline is the only one I found slightly interesting. Even that was ruined by the book basically telegraphing the ending. Definitely not a thriller, but a unique perspective on spying in the 50’s. I gave it 2 out of 5 stars. 12k+ other Goodreads members have an average 4.1 star rating.

Read: Leave No Man Behind by Tony Brooks and Bob Welch. Tony Brooks’ autobiographical account of the 75th Army Ranger’s rescue mission in Afghanistan. It was a quick read. It’s hard to rate this book. It needs better editing to avoid repeated introductions to the same men and tighten up an already short book. Yet, it’s a compelling story. It also feels like a healing process for Dr. Brooks as the majority of it is his biography, feelings and opinions. I gave it 5 out of 5 stars because it is worth reading, but from a purely technical view I’d say 3 stars.

Reading: A Gambling Man by David Balducci. Book two of the Archer series. This had been my transcription book. After transcribing 4 chapters, I started reading it this weekend with Chapter 5.

Listening: Nemesis Games by James S.A. Corey. Book five of The Expanse. All the character are in this one, although many are off on their own adventures, and the Rocinante crew is split up (by their choice). My memory says I really enjoyed this one, and after getting through about a third of it my memory has been accurate. No progress this past week.

Transcribing: Dutch Girl by Robert Matzen. A biography of Audrey Hepburn during the five years of the Nazi Occupation.


  1. Penlux Masterpiece Grande (F) – Black & White Koi
  2. Benu Scepter II (EF)

Out of Rotation

  1. Kaweco AL-Sport Raw Aluminum (EF) emptied its Caran d’Ache Chromatics Vibrant Green cartridge. I won’t be refilling it right away.
  2. Sailor King of Pen, Royal Tangerine with a custom oblique-medium nib and a Sailor Shikiori Miruai ink cartridge went dry.

Into Rotation



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Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – March 6, 2022

My transcription was down a bit since last week, but other usage was up, so my fountain pen usage probably remained about the same. I’ve managed to use three or four pens on most days, so they all get used a couple of times per week. I have a nice mix of pens and inks, so I never hesitate to pick up the least recently used pen.

Inked pens, and how long they’ve been unused as of Saturday afternoon.

Atlanta Pen Show

The Atlanta Pen Show is coming up April 1st -> 3rd. I’ll be close enough to Atlanta that I’m considering going to this show. I really don’t want to get any new pens, but a re-supply of ink cartridges (yes, cartridges) and paper would be in order. BUT, Esterbrook has a new nib offering, and I love their pens and have enjoyed both their custom nibs so far. Needlepoint is right up my alley, so I may break down if I see one there. Although, the nibs don’t seem to be in the retail channel yet, and ot on the OS Esties even direct from Esterbrook. I’m mainly sticking to cartridges, except for my ink stalwarts: Montblanc Bordeaux, Montblanc British Racing Green, and my blue-blacks: Waterman Mysterious Blue and Pilot Blue-Black.

Although, my real incentive for visiting the show is to try and sell my vintage pens. I haven’t been using them, so I really need to consider passing them on. I’d much prefer selling them in person so that the buyer can inspect them. I don’t have a lot of confidence in my vintage knowledge and don’t want to innocently pass along a pen that has hidden (to me) issues or bad information.

Pen Sale Page Updated

My pen sale page is back up with a few pens. I’ll add more as I get a chance.


I’ve noticed that many of the images aren’t appearing in my posts. If you click the text where the image should be you will get the image in most cases. I’ll fix them as I come across them. If you come across a post and want to see the missing images, leave a comment on the post and I’ll fix it as soon as possible.

I was bitten by WordPress. It appears changing my theme, and image sizes, at the time I migrated was a bad idea. WordPress resizes images behind the scenes, and somehow things got screwed up. The original images are all still there.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Listened: Cibola Burn by James S.A. Corey. Book four of The Expanse. I finished this one early in the week. Since it’s my second time through it, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I found Holden less annoying than the previous book, I give it 5 out of 5 stars. No need to break for a Holden cleanse before moving on to the next book

Stopped Reading: Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandell. Civilization is destroyed by a virus. This is the story of a small group of survivors, about 20 years later. The story does jump between pre- and post-apocalypse. I gave up after getting about halfway through the book. It was a different take on a post-apocalyptic story which was refreshing. Yet the story kept jumping back and forth in time. While I don’t mind flashbacks, this seemed chaotic to me, and just made it hard for me to follow. Plus, I didn’t really care about the characters.

Read: One Good Day by David Baldacci. This is book one of his Archer series. Like Baldacci’s other books, the story grows from a seemingly simple crime, to a web of crimes. Unlike the Memory Man series, these crimes are all related and don’t involve nearly everyone in town. I rate this one 4 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed it and have moved on to book two.

Read Billy Summers by Stephen King. After bailing on Station Eleven I considered switching the The Stand by Stephen King, but I didn’t want to tackle such a long book, but wanted to stay with Stephen King. I really enjoyed this one and consumed this 500 page book within two days. Not your typical Stephen King horror or supernatural. It’s a thriller. 5 out of 5 stars.

Transcribing A Gambling Man by David Balducci. Book two of the Archer series. I may be transcribing this awhile, since I borrowed another book that has a long waiting list and won’t be able to extend my loan for them. I forget what I already read if I need to wait long for a second loan on a book.

Listening Nemesis Games by James S.A. Corey. Book five of The Expanse. All the character are in this one, although many are off on their own adventures, and the Rocinante crew is split up (by there choice). My memory says I really enjoyed this one, and after getting through about a third of it my memory has been accurate.

Reading: Our Woman in Moscow by Beatriz Williams. Historical Fiction. Spy thriller that runs from WWII into the 1950’s. To be honest, I don’t see it as much of a thriller (I’m about 45% into it.) The writing style took some getting used to. Yet another book that ping-pongs between a few timelines. I did get used it. Each chapter switches between twin sisters as the perspective used. Another woman, a Russian intelligence agent in Moscow, provides perspective in a few chapters.

Nelson’s Weblog: Goodreads Lost All My Data via Macdrifter

Out of Rotation


Into Rotation

  1. Diplomat Aero Volute (Oblique Fine) with Waterman Mysterious Blue


The Baltimore Pen Show is coming up on March 11th through the 13th.

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