Ink and Pen Notes: Sailor 1911M Broad Nib With Waterman Purple

Sailor 1911M Broad nib with Waterman Purple bottle

I just reviewed my nearly 10 year old Sailor 1911M with a broad nib. Since it’s a broad nib I probably would have flushed the pen after the review, but as it turned out I wrote the pen dry while writing the review.
There’s not much to say about this pen and ink. Broad nibs aren’t for me so it’s not a pen I’d reach for a lot if I wasn’t doing a review. The nib is nice and smooth with a good flow, a little on the wet side. While it is a broad nib, it’s a narrow broad when compared to Pelikan or Schmidt nibs. But still too wide for my tastes.
The Waterman ink is, well, Waterman ink. It’s well behaved and looks good. Waterman was my first bottled ink so I’ve been using it a long time. It kind of fell from use for me, probably because I viewed it as a “starter” ink and wanted to move on to other options. I’ve started using it again and I’m reminded of what I’ve been missing.

Ink and Pen Notes: KarasKustoms Ink with Medium Nib and J. Herbin Vert Empire Cartridge

KarasKustoms Ink with medium nib and J Herbin Vert Empire pen and ink

I just reviewed J. Herbin Vert Empire cartridges and this KarasKustoms Ink with a medium nib was the primary pen for the review. It’s the Tumbled Raw Aluminum version with an aluminum griping section. I didn’t write the pen dry and wasted about 1/2 a cartridge. While the ink performed well the color just wasn’t for me. I kept the pen inked after the review with the intention of writing it dry, but I always passed it over. Of the twelve pens I currently have inked it was debatable whether this would be my 11th or 12th choice if I ranked the pens.
I did review the KarasKustoms Ink although this Tumbled Raw Aluminum version wasn’t part of the review since it’s a recent addition. The specific nib is also new to me but I did review a different medium nib and this one is consistent with the earlier nib, It’s always good when pen manufacturing is consistent.
The pen was inked up back on January 19th. I have no complaints about the performance. The flow was consistent and there wasn’t any skipping or hard starts. My dislike of the ink is purely aesthetic.
There’s a complete lack of any nib creep or splattering so the nib seems nice and clean even though I don’t clean them before the photos.

Ink and Pen Notes: Pilot Vanishing Point with Pilot Black Ink

Pilot Vanishing Point Maplewood with Pliot Black Ink cartridges

I inked up the Maplewood Pilot Vanishing Point the day before Halloween. I used an extra fine 18K gold rhodium plated nib and a Pilot Back ink cartridge. The cartridges makes it easy to get the most ink into a Vanishing Point and I like Pilot ink, at least the blue and black Pilot inks.
The pen was inked just over three months which surprised me when I updated the record. It seems like I’m always using the pen. But after some thought it does make sense. I carry the pen a lot, and I frequently use it for note taking. But the times I pick it are when I can benefit from a retractable, clickable fountain pen. It “uncaps” quickly, I make a couple quick notes, and I quickly “cap” it again. So while it’s true I frequently use the pen, I don’t do a lot of writing with it so in retrospect three months shouldn’t be a surprise. Especially using an thin Japanese extra fine nib.
Despite the thin nib, and three months of ink I never had any hard starts or skipping problems. I was tempted to simply pop in a new cartridge but I decided to give other fountain pens a chance so I flushed this one out.

Ink and Pen Notes: Edison Menlo with Montblanc Toffee Brown

Edison Menlo Punp Filler with Montblanc Toffee Brown bottle

I picked up the Edison Menlo Pump Filler at the 2013 Washington DC Pen Show and it’s been a favorite since then. Montblanc Toffee Brown, also a favorite ink, has been the most common inked picked for this pen so it was an obvious choice when I inked it up again.
This pen and ink have always gone well together. I inked the pen up way back on November 26th so it was just over two months ago. I did have a rare skipping problem, the only one I can remember, in early January. The pen had been used the day before and stored overnight, nib up, in the pen stand. A very common occurrence, yet this time the pen needed some help getting ink to the feed the next morning. Other then that one incident this ink and pen were a joy to use. The nib has a good flow but it is an extra fine and the Menlo holds a lot of ink, so the pen lasts a long, long time.
Because this is a pump filler (think old style Parker Vacumatic this pen is a pain to clean). There’s a thin tub attached to the feed so ink tends to stay in there. Plus, there’s just not a lot of pressure when the water is pumped out. So when I’m cleaning the pen for storage I unscrew the nib & feed to give the pen a good cleaning. An ultrasonic cleaner also saves time with the feed. It does mean applying a little silicone grease when replacing the nib, but is saves so much time.
Of course, it’s saves even more time to just re-ink the pen and keep it going. But I bit the bullet this time and cleaned it out for storage. This way I’m more likely to use my other pens. The Edison Menlo has such a large ink capacity and is such a nice writer I always want to reach for it.

Ink and Pen Notes: Omas 360 Vintage with Montblanc Bordeaux

Omas 360 Vintage with Montblanc Bordeaux ink bottle

The Omas 360 Vintage has a name I hate. It’s vintage in name only and there are in fact vintage (meaning old) Omas 360s. I feel like I have to mention this every time I say this pen’s name. This a modern pen I picked up at the 2013 DC Pen show. I review it here. The nib started as a factory medium but I had Mike Masuyama turn it into a fine.
It’s easily the wettest fine nib that I have and also the one with the most spring. While it may not meet vintage nib flexibility standards it’s the most flexible nib I have. It doesn’t really suit my writing style, the line is too wide, but I still have fun using it.
Montblanc Bordeaux is my favorite ink, plain and simple. It’s topped my Top 5 Inks list since, well, since I made the list. I reviewed the ink here.
Together, they were fun to use. Although I couldn’t really use them as my daily writer which is all due to the pen. But it was fun to play with the flexible nib on weekends (a weekend pen?). Thanks to the very wet nib the ink doesn’t last too long in this pen. I inked the pen December 28th and it went dry today.