Sunday Notes and Links – October 23, 2016

I didn’t do too much writing this week, much less than normal. Yet, a couple pens went dry and were cleaned out. Much to my dismay my newest pen, the Shawn Newton leaked a bit and I cleaned it out. I suspect I need to be more liberal with the silicone grease. It did seem like the ink creeped along the section threads. I’ll be refilling it later this week although I haven’t decided which Esterbrook nib to use. I also added two pens to the mix since I needed colored ink. The King of Pen got an orange and the Hermes got a green.

Not too many links this week, but let’s get to them.

Pen Shows & Clubs

There’s only one U.S. show left this year – Columbus, OH from November 10th through the 13th.

What Others Are Using

I’ve been trying a Traveler’s Notebook recently so found the following videos and articles interesting. Like The Purl Bug, I’m not getting a Hobonichi for next year, although my reasons are different.

Analogue System – 2016 Review — The Purl Bug and Analogue System – 2017 Preview — The Purl Bug (Videos)

Traveler’s Notebook and Me – Oct 2016 — Alt. Haven

Misc Links

Lamy Lx vs. Lamy Al-Star — Pendora’s Box // I was surprised to find that these are a bit more than new Safari colors. Some other subtle differences

A Quick Guide to Coping with Crappy Office Paper — The Gentleman Stationer // Good advice, although I admit with my thin nibs and fondness for Montblanc inks I never resorted to “Don’t Use Fountain Pens”. I also second the notion that yellow legal pads seem universally hostile to fountain pens, especially compared to the white legal pads.

Sunday Notes and Links – October 16, 2016

Pelikan M805 Stresemann with Papier Plume Burgundy writing sampleAgain, the post is later than usual but it’s still Sunday, at least where I am. I did write one pen dry during the week. My Pelikan M805 Stresemann ran out of Paper Plume Burgundy earlier this week. Speaking of the Stresemann, Pelikan is bringing the Anthracite finish to the smaller M405.

Pen Shows & Clubs

The Michigan Pen Show is over, running just Friday & Saturday this weekend. There’s only one U.S. show left this year – Columbus, OH from November 10th through the 13th.

The Appleton Pen Club is meeting this coming Wednesday (Oct 19th) with the theme “Clean Your Pens”. The meeting is at the Anderson Pens store in Appleton, WI.

What Others Are Using

Planners for 2017 – What I Plan to Use – scribbles and stationery

Currently Inked: Addition to October 2016 Line-Up — Pendora’s Box

Currently Inked: Loadout for Short Cottage Escape — Pendora’s Box

1 Week, 1 Pen/Pencil: Week 5 Review — The Finer Point

Misc Links

Waterman’s Ideal No. 56 (Semi-flex)

Nib Novice, Part 6 – Vintage Parker 51 | Pens and Junk

Sunday Notes and Links – October 9, 2016

Shawn Newton Eastman with PackagingI was happy to received my latest fountain pen as the week came to a close. It was a custom pen from Shawn Newton and arrived a bit earlier than expected. It’s his Eastman model but set up to use Esterbrook nibs. The vintage Esterbrook pens are too small and light for me to use comfortably on a regular basis. Now I have a great pen that uses all 31 of my Esterbrook nibs. The picture up above is my pen and packaging, Shawn also posted pictures of the completed pen. I’ll have a post with my first impressions later this week.

If you missed it, the TWSBI Eco giveaway is still running.

Pen Shows

The Colorado Pen Show is almost over while the Michigan Pen Show is next weekend.

Gourmet Pens: Field Trip – Tilburg Pen Show 2016 Recap

A recap of my first Pen Show — The Finer Point

Links of Interest

Currently Inked: October 2016 — Pendora’s Box

Ethics, Bias, and FP reviews — Pen Economics // Excellent article with lots of food for thought. Like Dr. Deans, I’m an “old cynic” and consider every review biased in some way, if only by personal likes and dislikes.

In Praise Of Habits | From the Pen Cup // Excellent article, which happened to appear as I had broken a 2 month long habit of writing at least two journal pages every day.

Sunday Notes and Links – October 2, 2016

I’m a little late with this post, but it is still Sunday, at least in my part of the world. The week ended up being busier than I expected. Unfortunately I also broke the streak of writing a couple journal pages every day, almost always in my Seven Seas Writer which is nearly full. I wrote at least two pages for 61 days straight until Friday. I missed yesterday too. So it’s time to start over.

I’m also late with my monthly currently inked post but hope to get that put up tomorrow. The good news is I did a lot of writing. In fact, I tried to get ahead by starting the currently inked post last weekend but then I wrote a couple of those pens dry during the week and had to redo the writing samples and photos.

Fountain Pen Day is less than a month away. If you missed it, I’m doing a giveaway on that day but you need to get your entry in by then so don’t wait.

The Colorado Pen Show is Oct 7 – 9 in Denver while the Michigan Pen Show is the following weekend just outside Detroit.

Well, on to the links…

The Pencilcase Blog | RECAP: TILBURG PEN SHOW 2016

Inktober Day 1 – Fast — Sparetime Today // I don’t even consider participating, but it is a thing.

Pelikan Hubs 2016 – Philadelphia: A Recap « The Pelikan’s Perch // This concept is unexpected from a big established pen company, but it seems like a lot of fun.

From The Desk Of Deb | Goodwriterspens’s Blog // Some thought about fountain pen collectors and writers. I’m definitely a writer, I couldn’t have a fountain pen I didn’t use at least once.

Currently Inked: Loadout for Ottawa Conference — Pendora’s Box // Nice fountain pen choices.

Currently Inked #15 | 29 September 2016// Matt returns to some past pens and does a mini re-review. I like long term or re-reviews but can understand why Matt doesn’t like doing them.

Pocket Books Are Here! – Newton Pens // Shawn has added notebooks to his postcards being offered to raise scholarship money

1 Week, 1 Pen/Pencil Mini Series: Week 3 Review — The Finer Point // This time it was a fountain pen. Still, something like this would drive me insane.

Sunday Notes and Links – September 25, 2016

A couple new pens should be turning up here soon. This week I received the Pilot Vanishing Point Guilloche (2016 LE) and just inked it up. I debated the purchase but the first impression is favorable. More this week.

Then Shawn Newton emailed me that he’s beginning to work on my pen. It’s a little earlier than expected but seeing the pictures of the work in progress has me excited.

As usual, starting with pen shows…

The Commonwealth Pen Show (Boston) is today (25th) from 9am to 5pm. Unfortunately I can’t attend this year but I’m hoping lots of people do so that a two day show is justified for next year.

The Colorado Pen Showis a couple weeks away, running from October 7th through 9th.

All US pen shows (at least that I know of) are listed here along with a schedule.

What’s Being Used & How

Best Fountain Pen Inks for Editing and Annotation — The Gentleman Stationer // I agree whole-heartily with his first choice. I have reservations about his second choice preferring a Montblanc ink, but I’m coming around. Yup, I left out colors and ink names. Read the article, good info.

A Pen by Ryan Krusac | Inkdependence! // This makes me want to ink up my own Ryan Krusac fountain pen

Unboxing Hobonichi 2017 | East…West…Everywhere // I’ve decided to take a break from the Hobonichi in 2017. I’m still using it this year, but it’s overkill for how I use it.

Brief Update On The Pilot Metropolitan | An Inkophile’s Blog // Change is good

Currently Inked: Loadout for Weekend in Philly — Pendora’s Box

Resources (on this site)

Index of my Ink Notes

Nib Workers, Pen Restorers and Fountain Pen Makers (recently updated)

Fountain Pen Clubs & Meetups

Sunday Notes and Links – September 18, 2016

Not much time this weekend so I’ll get right to the links…

Starting with pen shows…

Two pen shows this coming weekend. The Commonwealth Pen Show (Boston) is on Sunday the 25th and the Dallas Pen Show is on the 24th & 25th.

The Colorado Pen Showis also less than a month away, running from October 7th through 9th.

All US pen shows (at least that I know of) are listed here along with a schedule.


The 2016 Pelikan Hubs were this past Friday. Gourmet Pens wrote about the Pelikan Hub in Amsterdam. The Gentleman Stationer wrote about the Nashville Hub.

What’s Being Used & How

Why I don’t organise my notebooks. — The Ink Smudge // I don’t organize my notebooks either and do even less, just dating each page. I used to be good and remembering about when things happened and then finding it in the notebook. I’ve gotten less good lately but I need to go back less and less.

Currently Inked #13 | 15 September 2016 – Pen Habit // Video, with a guest this time

Pen Restoration: 1930’s Sheaffer’s Balance Premier Oversize Plunger Filler — Gorgeous.Ink // I love the look of these pens, and have a couple different colors. I’d love to be able to restore them.

Hobonichi Techo (2016 Edition) Review – Pens! Paper! Pencils!// I’m still using my 2016 Tech, but just barely. I decided not to get one for 2017. I love the paper and the size, but it’s just not for me.

Ink Review: Akkerman #28 (Hofkwartier Groen) — The Gentleman Stationer // While Akkerman inks have a cult following my reaction to the couple that I tried were mostly “meh”. This is the only Akkerman ink I’ve used that has elevated to “I like it” status, although it seems to prefer wider nibs. So it will be awhile before I empty the bottle.

Another Viewpoint: The Kaweco Sport Squeezable Converter | From the Pen Cup // Mary has a good experience with the new Kaweco squeeze converter.

Huy Hoang Dao Oblique Holder | The Passionate Penman // This would be a complete waste in my hand. But it’s cool.

Goulet Pens Blog: FP101: How To Write With A Flex Nib // Speaking of a complete waste in my hand, but fun to watch

Sunday Notes and Links – September 11, 2016

At the end of this week’s Pen Addict podcast one of the AskTPA questions was about using a board or other had surface to write on in a chair. At the time I was sitting on the patio doing some writing on my Levenger Lap Desk. I think that’s what they called it. I checked Levenger’s website and it seems this specific design is no longer available. This one has a cushion attached to the bottom and rests on my lap while the current ones are bigger but must rest on the arms of the chair. It’s not the most stable writing surface so I wouldn’t use it for letters or anything that needed to look it’s best. I lost the elastic straps long ago, but otherwise it’s held up well over the years.

I mentioned it last week, but we’re two weeks (or less) away from two pen shows. The Commonwealth Pen Show (Boston) is on the 25th and the Dallas Pen Show is the 24th & 25th.

The Colorado Pen Showis also less than a month away, running from October 7th through 9th.

Joe Szanto posted a long recap of the 2016 San Francisco pen show: The 2016 San Francisco Pen Show: a personal perspective

I’ve added a pen show page to my resources (see 2017 shows already on the schedule), along with a page for pen clubs. These join pages for pen/nib workers long with a listing of other sites that I like to read.

What Others Are Using

Currently Inked #12 | 8 September 2016 – Pen Habit

1 Week, 1 Pen/Pencil Mini Series — The Finer Point

What Others Are Reviewing

Dip Pens were popular this week: Review: Kaweco Special Dip Pen – The Well-Appointed Desk and Pen Review: Kaweco Special Dip Pen — the desk of lori

Visconti Homo Sapiens London Fog: A Review — The Pen Addict // It’s becoming harder and harder to resist this pen.

Other Links of Interest

How to ask the right questions — The Ink Smudge

Time management Monday: What to write in your planner? – Quo Vadis Blog

Field Notes DIY: Changing Staples and Innards — Three Staples

Vintage Pen News: eBay and the Great Disintermediation

Letter gets there by hand-drawn map – BBC News