Sunday Links – April 3, 2022

Inspired by the Atlanta pen show running this weekend, I had a fountain pen heavy week. Not necessarily using them, but much of what I did was fountain pen centered. In fact, while they got daily use, my fountain pen usage was down from the previous week.

On Tuesday I spent the day cleaning the pens leaving the rotation, and inspecting my vintage Sheaffer pens. I water tested all the Sheaffers and found three that wouldn’t take in water. I already had two pens in the queue for new sacs, so I re-saced those two.

On Wednesday I tested the newly repaired pens, after letting them sit overnight to make sure the shellac is really dry. Then I moved on to inking up the pens I want in the rotation. I got caught up in playing with pens, and inked up more than expected. I wrote about my pen selections here.

Thursday was spent packing for the pen show and getting ready. Plus, doing the non-pen stuff that I had been putting off so I could have more pen time.

I figure I need to cut this off here (Thursday evening) to schedule it for Sunday morning. I’ll schedule the post for the usual time, and add any new links before it actually publishes. Personally, I like having the links for Sunday reading so I can read them with my Sunday morning tea. Any Atlanta Pen Show related posts, or any additional recap of my fountain pen week will occur sometime after this publishes.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Reading: The Escape by David Baldacci. This is volume 3 of his Puller series. For some reason, the second volume had over 30 holds at my library (for two copies) so I skipped it and took volume 3 which was available immediately. It’s been slow progress on this one. There have been days I haven’t touched it. It’s time for me to take a Baldacci break and switch to another author after I finish this book.

New Arrivals

Anything new from the Atlanta Pen show will be covered in a future post.

Out of Rotation

  1. The Esterbrook (Kenro) Estie Oversized, Scarlet (Scribe) was inked up back on January 7, 2022 with Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrün. It’s already inked back up.
  2. The *Esterbrook (Kenro) Estie Oversized, Maraschino (Steel Journaler) was inked up back on January 7, 2022 with Sheaffer Red ink. It’s already inked back up.

Into Rotation

See my currently inked post for a full list of my inked pens.

A defense of the partial ink fill — mnmlscholar // I’m a whole-hearted supporter of the short fill.

canetas e coisas: HONGDIAN

Keystone: A Brand, A Model or Wearever – Chronicles of a Fountain Pen

[#OneWeek100People: day 12 – Writing at Large](–12/ “Jump to the article”)

Adapting my sentimentality to function at work — mnmlscholar

SchonDSGN Natural Ultem – Newton Scholarship | Peaceable Writer

My Traveler’sRoterfadenLochbyPlotter Notebook “System” — The Gentleman Stationer

Vintage Pencils on National Pencil Day – Writing at Large

Enough is Too Many is Just Right — The Pen Addict

Enjoy Your Local Libraries (National Library Week is starting) – Chronicles of a Fountain Pen // Almost all the books I read are from my local library, via the Libby app.

Sunday Links – January 9, 2022

Esterbrook Oversized Estie Scarlet
Inked this one up a little while ago

A busy week with very low fountain pen usage, and along with little free time. So just some links and updates on my book consumption.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Reading: Redemption by David Baldacci. The fifth installment in his Memory Man series. I finished this one and gave it 4 out of 5 stars. The series definitely has a formula and this one follow it, so a bit predictable. Still, it was enjoyable read.
Reading: Up Country by Nelson DeMille. The third installment of his Paul Brenner series. It’s a long book. It hasn’t sucked me in, although it’s a good enough read so far. I’m about 20% in and considering stopping. Although, Goodreads gives it a n average 4 star rating from nearly 18K readers.
Listening: Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey. Book one of The Expanse. I just bought the final (eighth) book in the series, but decided to re-listen from book 1 before I listen to it. (I have them on audio books.) Still working through it.

Irresolute – Pam Alison Knits

2021 Year in Review – The Well-Appointed Desk

The (Wish) List – Chronicles of a Fountain Pen

The new year diary, 2022. | Fountain pen blog

The new year diary, 2022. | Fountain pen blog

Happy New Year – Goodwriterspens’s Blog

2022 Daily Carry: Starting the New Year — The Gentleman Stationer

Finding a remote teaching rhythm — mnmlscholar

Reflection: Journaling for Clarity | Comfortable Shoes Studio

Undated Nolty Daily Book Dailybook Diary from Japan – Notebook Stories

Really, The Dog Ate My Pen – Chronicles of a Fountain Pen

In Praise of the Ballpoint – Goodwriterspens’s Blog

Pens in Daily Use January 2022 | dapprman

Mabie Todd Swan 6160 – Goodwriterspens’s Blog

Holiday Haul 2021 // Year in Review – Weirdoforest Pens

2021: Looking Back at a “Heavy” Year – Writing at Large

Sunday Links – October 3, 2021

Just links for today.

Retreat – Pam Alison Knits

What stationery I actually use: 2021 edition | All Things Stationery

Why I bought an Otto Hutt designC | UK fountain pens

Season one preview — mnmlscholar

The state of the pen cups, September 2021. | Fountain pen blog

Fountain Pens for a Fiver Revisited | dapprman

Draw Your Tools…Tober

American Ring-Top Swan – Goodwriterspens’s Blog

Report from Chicago: Pen Show Highlights from Friday — The Gentleman Stationer

Planning for planning: Hunting for a new planner system — mnmlscholar


Daring Fireball: The Tragedy of Safari 15 for Mac’s ‘Tabs’ // Safari 15 is very close to driving me to another browser on the Mac, and I find the iPad version just as frustrating, but in different ways.

Fountain Pen Quest Sunday Links – August 29, 2021

Still on the summer schedule, so today is a links-only post. Since next weekend is the unofficial end of summer here in the U.S., the normal schedule will be returning. Unless I decide to take next weekend off, and just do a holiday link post.

My Pen Sale is still ongoing. I adjusted some pen prices, some down, one up. I’ll be shopping the pens in other venues.


News: Pelikan’s Art Collection Brought To Life « The Pelikan’s Perch

What stationery I actually use: 2021 edition | All Things Stationery

Vintage Pen News: Yes, Aerometric Parker 51s can have hidden problems, too

Early thoughts on the Ryman soft cover notebook. | Fountain pen blog

My Experience at the 2021 DC Pen Show! – Notebook Joy

Those autumn vibes – Pam Alison Knits

The gygax method of pen selection — mnmlscholar

Back to Work Check-In: What I’m Using (2021 Edition) — The Gentleman Stationer

Lemome Notebook | Fountain Pen Love

Pens in Daily Use August 2021 | dapprman

A Special Pen Rest – Goodwriterspens’s Blog

Those autumn vibes – Pam Alison Knits

San Francisco Pen Show: Day 1 Recap — The Gentleman Stationer


The Stockholm Telephone Tower with approximately 5,500 telephone lines, 1890 – Rare Historical Photos // From the Security Now podcast, where they often feature a picture of a rats nest of a wiring closet. Hard to believe this existed, and worked.

Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – August 1, 2021

It’s still summer, so this week is a link only post.

Pen Shows

Pen shows are back. Since I like reading about them, they get an exemption from the 1 link per site rule.

The Washington DC Pen Show is coming next weekend.

How To Pen Show | Inkdependence!

The London Spring Pen Show: my haul. | Fountain pen blog

Pen shows are back, and better than ever | UK fountain pens // Be sure to seek out a recent post looking back at departed fountain pens.

The Late Late London Spring Pen Show | dapprman

More Pen, Ink & Paper Links

I limit myself to one link per site each week, so be sure to check other recent posts on these sites.

Trash Printmaking More Coffee Bag Process | Comfortable Shoes Studio // While I don’t think I would ever do this, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this whole series.

Fun With Ballpoints – Left Hook Pens // My shame is I bought two ballpoints last week.

Putting Japanese F nibs in the driver’s seat — mnmlscholar // The smudged Apache Sunset reminds me of the reason I stopped using that ink, despite loving the color. It was a magnet for smudges. Glad to see it’s not just me.

Crónicas Estilográficas: From Platinum to Lanbitou // This can’t be good for fountain pen innovation.

How Do You Use Your Pens? – Goodwriterspens’s Blog // The last sentence sums it up nicely.

Mini Collections, Part IV: All the PURPLE Inks — The Gentleman Stationer // Purples are also my favorite fun ink. Sometimes in a thin nib for annotation, but often with my Sailor zoom nib.

Shibui Kibo Urushi Enamelled Copper Pen | dapprman // An interesting pen made with a less common (but faster) Urushi technique.

Notebook Review: Profolio Oasis Notebook – The Well-Appointed Desk // I’ve been using the Profolio Oasis Light notebooks and I’m a fan. Good paper, good price.

On My Desk – July 2021 | An Inkophile’s Blog // Certainly not a nib selection I’d use, but I do like the pen and ink.