Fountain Pen Quest Sunday Links – July 18, 2021

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Sunday Links – July 4, 2021

Two Retro 51 pens themed for summer

As mentioned last week, I switched to a summer schedule where it will be a links-only post every other week. This week it’s links-only.

And happy 4th of July to US readers.

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canetas e coisas: MOONMAN

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Sunday Links – June 20, 2021

It’s the June Solstice today, meaning it’s the start of astronomical summer here in North America. Although, not until 11:32PM in my part of the world.

Yesterday was the first time Juneteenth was a national holiday in the US.

Both of these are good reasons to not have a full trail log this week, so those are the reasons that I’m officially using. Today brings just the links I’ve collected throughout the week.

Günther Wagner’s Black Horse: A History Of The Rap-Pen « The Pelikan’s Perch

Fountain Pen Ink Review: Vinta Inks Vintage and Neon Capsule Collections | Rants of The Archer

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Sunday Links – May 30, 2021

No Trail Log this holiday weekend, but here are the links I enjoyed during the week.

Seven Pelikans to start the week — TooMany(Pelikans/Inks)

News: A New Book Detailing Pelikan’s Limited And Special Editions Due Out Soon « The Pelikan’s Perch

2 Maine Students Win National Awards for Cursive Writing – The New York Times

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Has The Market for “Limited Editions” Finally Jumped the Shark? — The Gentleman Stationer

The Pilot Deluxe Urushi – Left Hook Pens

2021 Parker 51 with Steel Nib |dapprman

Review: Ayush Notebooks From Federalist Pens | Inkophile

What Makes a Great Anniversary Edition: Kanilea Pen Company Honokalani Maile Lei — The Gentleman Stationer

A frankenpen won’t terrorize the villagers — mnmlscholar

In Case You Missed It…

A couple vendor announcements I missed initially, so in case you did too they’re here. Plus a couple articles I enjoyed.

According to a blog post at Goulet Pens, Lamy will only be distributing extra fine nibs in Germany and Asia. So unless you’re in those areas you better get them while you can. Well, assuming you match my preference for extra fine nibs. This is only for the steel nibs. Gold nibs, such as on the Lamy 2000 are unaffected.

Nock Co. will be raising their minimum order for free domestic (US) shipping from $50 to $75. You have through June 4th to get your order in under the old minimum. I recently re-ordered some paper stock from them and upped my order a bit to get the free shipping (it’s not like I won’t use the paper). I remember thinking their cases are both more expensive and lighter than the paper products and it seemed like a good deal since $50 gets a lot of paper. Getting to $75 will mean even more paper, but like I said, it will get used. Maybe their paper products will join their cases at some retailers.

I thought this post from Goodwriter’s Pens about Sheaffer pretty much summed up my view of older Sheaffers, and disappointment with modern Sheaffers. Although she’s much more knowledgable about the quality and operating mechanics of their filling systems. I love their vintage material and nibs, along with some of the older, but still modern materials and nibs.

I also enjoyed this post about using index cards. I make use of a lot of index cards (and the previously mentioned Nock Co order including restock on the “good” cards. I don’t have anywhere near the system described. They’re mostly for short term notes/planning/brainstorming and end up in the trash after a few days.