Clearing Out Some Retro 51 Rollerballs

I’m getting near the end of the line in the process of focusing my accumulation. It’s time to switch to my non-fountain pens. So this post is for my Retro 51 rollerballs. Give me a firm I want it and I’ll reserve the pen for you and send a PayPal invoice. E-Mail me at ray [at] fpquest[dot]com or use the form here.

All pens include the refill listed although the amount of ink left is unknown, they could have pages worth of ink or go dry when writing the first sentence. No packaging or paperwork is included, just the pens. Prices are firm, although I’ll take off 10% if you buy two or more Retro 51’s AND the total is over $35 before shipping. Shipping is a flat $7.90 no matter how many pens are included. Shipping is only within the United States. No trades since that defeats the purpose of slimming my accumulation.

The pens are listed in the same order as the photos (L -> R). Click the photo for a full-size photo.

Retro 51 Rollerballs for Sale #1Green lacquer withdrawan
Retro 51 Rollerballs for Sale #2Retro 51 Rollerballs for Sale #3jRetro 51 Rollerballs for Sale #4

Retro 51 Hot Coffee (Goldspot Pens exclusive): Excellent Condition Schmidt P8126 Red Refill – $25

Retro 51 Monroe (Vintage Metalsmith): Excellent condition. Schmidt P8126 Red Refill – $35 (Sold)

Retro 51 Black Stealth: Excellent condition. Retro 51 REF5P Refill – $15

Retro 51 Green Lacquer: Small chip in the lacquer (see third photo above or the close-up below). I noticed several other small chips after taking the photos. Retro 51 REF5P Refill – Withdrawn

Retro 51 Vintage Surf Limited Edition (#069 of 500) – Wooden barrel that’s slightly thicker than the metal Retros. Excellent condition. Schmidt P8126 Black Refill – $35 (Sold)

Roosevelt (Vintage Metalsmith): Excellent condition. Schmidt P8128 Black Refill – $16 (Sold)

Retro 51 Tiki Kona: As I previously mentioned, the clip is slightly off-center with the nose on the head. It’s subtle and hard to see in the photo, but once you see it live you will never not see it. At least that was my experience. It was that way when new, so the clip is secure. Bamboo barrel that is slightly thicker than the metal barrel Retro 51 rollerballs. Otherwise excellent condition. Retro 51 REF5P Refill – $35

Retro 51 Bamboo: Bamboo barrel that’s slightly thicker than the metal Retro 51 Tornado. Excellent condition. Schmidt P8126 Blue Refill – $25

As previously mentioned, the refills are used with an unknown amount of ink left. No original packaging or paperwork on any pen.

For Sale: A Mix of Past Favorites

Five Pens for SaleI’ve decided to focus my accumulation around Sheaffers and a few other pens I use a lot. This means some past favorites have to go.

I purchased all the pens new and list the month I bought the pen just in case there were any changes during production that I’m unaware of. Boxes and paperwork are not included unless mentioned in the listing.

I’ve discounted the pens about $25-$50 initially in this post. I’ll be offering them elsewhere in a few days and will raise the prices at that time.

Give me a firm I want it and I’ll reserve the pen for you and send a PayPal invoice.

U.S shipping is $7.90 for USPS priority mail which includes insurance and signature confirmation.

International shipping has been a nightmare for me (and the recipient) thanks to the USPS east coast international mail terminal. I’ve had numerous issues with them and require you either take full responsibility for the shipment (no refund if lost) or pay for priority mail with insurance, both of which require a more detailed discussion.

And Now The Pens


Visconti Homo Sapien Bronze Age, extra-fine 23kt Palladium “Dreamtouch” Nib. The nib was never a bad writer, but I did have it tuned at the 2016 DC Pen Show. I swapped the original cap jewel for the “Visconti My Pen System Stone: 5- Cornelian cap jewel”. The bronze has a bit of a patina and has never been polished. Other than that, the pen is in excellent shape. I purchased this pen in December 2015. At the time, there was only one size, so no size was specified but this is the larger of the various Homo Sapien sizes that have been around. I wrote about the pen here. I wrote numerous times about this pen, which can be found at this search results link. The pen is a vacuum filler. $325 + shipping. (SOLD)

Montblanc Meisterstück Ultra Black LeGrand Fountain Pen, oblique-medium (OM) nib. This is a Montblanc factory nib, installed by Montblanc through their nib-swap program prior to shipping the pen to me in November 2016. A Piston filler with a 14K gold (ruthenium-coated) nib. The trim is also ruthenium-coated. Includes the box and “Service Guide” booklet. I wrote about the pen here. $425 + shipping. (SOLD)

Pelikan Souverän M805 Stresemann Anthracite, extra-fine 18K gold nib. This nib was sold by Pelikan as a factory extra-fine nib, but as sometimes happens with them, it was closer to a western medium. The nib was ground by Dan Smith to be a more traditional extra-fine nib at the 2016 DC Pen Show. The nib is rhodium-plated. I purchased the pen in March 2015. The pen is a piston filler and is in excellent condition. I reviewed the pen here $225 + shipping. (SOLD)

Pelikan M101N Special Edition (Lizard), extra-fine 14K rhodium-plated gold nib. This is the version released in 2012, not the original vintage version. I bought the pen in December 2013. The trim is palladium-plated. I reviewed the pen here $200 + shipping. (SOLD)

Aurora Optima Nero Perla, medium 14K gold nib. A translucent grey & silver flake pattern. A piston filler that features a “hidden reserve” of ink. The pen material is Cellulose Acetate which the company calls “Auroloide” and resembles vintage celluloid in look and feel. I purchased this pen in November 2016. It’s a piston filler and is in excellent condition. I wrote about the pen here $200 + shipping. (SOLD)

Also, see my previously offered fountain pens that are still available on the For Sale page. I recently reduced some of their prices.


Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – September 29, 2019

Pilot Vanishing Point Cherry Bamboo on my Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter

My workhorse pen

Another very slow week as far as fountain pen usage goes. Maybe that last link down below will inspire me to start my mornings with pen and paper.


Pelikan Hubs 2019 – Philadelphia: A Recap « The Pelikan’s Perch

A Pelikan Hub round-up, London 2019 | Fountain pen blog

Ink Log 2019 // – Weirdoforest Pens

Mid-Week Mini: Stockholm Travel Kit. — The Finer Point

REVIEW: MONTBLANC WRITERS EDITION RUDYARD KIPLING FOUNTAIN PEN | The Pencilcase Blog | Fountain pen, Pencil, Ink and Paper reviews // I don’t read pen reviews very often these days. This one caught my eye because of the distinctive pen. I don’t know if I love or hate the looks. As mentioned it’s a “…oddball pen, and it’s certainly quite ‘out there’…”

Picking a “Workhorse”: How To Choose A Fountain Pen for an Everyday Writer — The Gentleman Stationer // Some things to think about when choosing a “workhorse” fountain pen. My own choice is the Pilot Vanishing Point with an extra-fine or thinner nib (usually an XXXF nib ground by Richard Binder long ago). It’s a click away from using (or putting away). It fails miserably in his ink capacity requirement, although I stick with cartridges to maximize (for this particular pen) the ink load. Converter capacity is terrible and cartridges are at lease easier to change since I always use black ink.

Stickin’ With It* | From the Pen Cup // That’s a lot of paper, ink, words, and mornings.

Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – September 22, 2019

A slow couple of weeks as far as fountain pen usage goes, My vintage Sheaffers didn’t get much use this past week. The Pilot Vanishing Point got just enough use to be written dry this past week. I popped in a new black cartridge and kept it in the rotation.


Should I have stopped buying pens in November 2016? Thoughts on the Lamy Bauhaus | UK fountain pens // This reminded me that my Lamy 2000 has gone unused for too long.

“Oh, they don’t count” | UK fountain pens // I can relate, I have a group of pens that I’ve mentally thrown out of my accumulation but still have them around.

Crónicas Estilográficas: Japanese Eyedropper Today (I) // I had forgotten about the Japanese eyedropper system and learned something new from this post. (An unexpected inventor.)

Silvered Souveräns: A Look At The M420, M425, And M430 « The Pelikan’s Perch // Some interesting M400 variations.

And there was a pen show on the other coast. Unfortunately I also missed the Commonwealth (Boston) Pen Show since it’s tough for me to travel on Sundays.

SF Pen Show 2019 Recap – The Well-Appointed Desk

2019 San Francisco Pen Show — Mountain of Ink

For Sale – Vintage Esterbrooks (nibs optional)

The vintage Esterbrooks are too thin and light for me to use comfortably for any extended writing on my part. Now that I have modern (and bigger) pens that can use my Esterbrook nibs it’s time to release my vintage Esterbrooks back into the wild.

There’s no boxes or paperwork included. Nibs are optional and available at an added cost. The pens are in excellent condition.

Shipping in the U.S. is $7.90 (small flat rate box) for as many pens as will fit in the box unless otherwise noted. Payment is via PayPal Goods & Services and ships only to addresses in the PayPal payment. Sorry, no international shipping for these pens. U.S. based forwarding services are OK as long as the address is in your PayPal payment.

Prices are firm, although multiple pen purchases won’t increase shipping costs as long as they fit in the box. Unlike my other recent sales, there’s no quantity discount for the Esterbrook pens.

The first firm “I want it” gets the pen and I’ll send a PayPal invoice, questions will not hold a pen. Contact me using the contact form on this page, or email me at ray[@] (remove the brackets).

These prices are for the pen only, no nib, no boxes. Nibs are optional and there’s a selection below. All pens have been tested and are in excellent working condition, but any restoration would have been done in 2013 or earlier.

Please request but pen number (1,2,3,4,5) to avoid any confusion.

1. Esterbrook Model SJ in Dubonnet Red (aka Red), no nib, excellent conditions – $25.00 (SOLD)

2. Esterbrook Model J in Dubonnet Red (aka Red), no nib, excellent conditions – $25.00

3. Esterbrook Model J in Foliage Green (aka Green I), no nib, excellent conditions – $25.00

4. Esterbrook Model J in Foliage Green (aka Green I), no nib, very good condition, the one flaw is that the clip is slightly crooked so appears off-center – $20.00

5. Esterbrook Model J in Fern Green (aka Green II), no nib, excellent conditions – $25.00

Nibs (Optional)

Nibs are only available with an Esterbrook pen purchase and only one nib per pen. Quantities are limited and first-come, first-served. All nibs are used, no boxes included. I’ll install the nib in the pen unless you request otherwise.

Esterbrook #1550 Firm Extra Fine (3 available): $5/each

Esterbrook #1551 Firm Medium (1 available): $6/each

Esterbrook #2668 Firm Medium (3 available): $7.50/each

The first firm “I want it” gets the pen, and I’ll send a PayPal invoice. Contact me using the contact form on this page, or email me at ray[@] (remove the brackets).

Some Vintage Parkers are still available for sale and I reduced their prices. I’ve also added a Conklin (Modern Crescent Filler) and a couple Pilot Vanishing Point Limited Editions to the For Sale Page.