Karas Pens Decograph Giveaway Winner

I picked the winner of the Karas Decograph giveaway. There were 81 comments and 30 entries using the contact form for a total of 111 entries.

The winning number was:

Winning number from random.org

The winning number picked at random.org

The winning comment is:

Pen Giveaway winning comment

If this is you, reply to my email within 72 hours. I heard back, so the pen is claimed.


Notebook and Paper Declutter Recipients

I picked the recipients of my paper decluttering boxes. The emails have gone out, so if you left one of these comments check your email and reply with your shipping address within 48 hours.

Declutter 1 recipient

Declutter 1 recipient

Declutter 2 recipient

Declutter 2 recipient

Declutter 3 recipient

Declutter 3 recipient

Happy New Year


I’m off to a great start, I already screwed up the date. (Couldn’t have been the bourbon.) I scheduled the previous post for January 1, 2015 rather than 15. (I re-dated it to December 31st so it at least makes some sense and it was already 2015 in much of the world.) One final mistake for 2015.

I hope you all have a great year!