My Pen Accumulation

These are the pens I’ve accumulated. I’ve linked the pen name to my review if it exists. If there’s no review yet, and I do have a “This Just In” or “Ink & Pen Notes” post about why I added the pen then I’ve linked to that.

I also have a page for my Esterbrook nibs.

Core Pens

These are pens I’ve enjoyed for an extended period of time and became the focus of my accumulation, which started becoming more of a curated collection in 2019. These pens have either stood the test of time and have kept my interest, or they meet a specific need.   Listed in alphabetical order, the numbers are just so I can easily count the pens, not a ranking.

  1. Edison Huron Grande (XF): Flecked Red/White/Blue: My first custom pen. Large, relatively light and holds a gallon (it seems) of ink when eyedropper filled. Frequently in my Fav 5 listing.
  2. Fisher of Pens Hermes (F) – Vintage Web Green: Another long/tall pen, which makes it look thinner than it is. This one has a clip, unlike the Huron Grande and Model 66.
  3. Franklin-Christoph Model 66 Stabilis Desk Pen (EF): Black: Smaller than the Huron Grande, but still a large clipless desk pen. You can have the ice and antique glass acrylics, I’ll stick with the basic, elegant black. This pen went 18 flawless months without cleaning (just refills) paired with R&K Blau-Schwarz LE ink.
  4. Kaweco Brass Sport (EF:) Raw Brass: My choice for a pocket pen. Other pocket pens have moved on (except the aluminum sibling that I keep as a spare).
  5. Newton Pens Eastman – Clear Acrylic (vintage Esterbrook nibs): A custom pen by Shawn Newton that can use my vintage Esterbrook nibs, A large pen comfortable enough for me to use all day, unlike the thin vintage Esterbrooks.
  6. Pilot Custom 823 (F) – Amber: I’m not a fan of the aesthetics of this pen, but it’s such a great, comfortable writer that I ignore its looks.
  7. Pilot Vanishing Point 2013 LE – Maple Wood (multiple nibs) and
  8. Pilot Vanishing Point – Cherry Bamboo (multiple nibs): I like the wooden VPs over the metal bodies Both pens get equal billing, especially since I’ll move the nib unit between barrels. If there a pen or two in my shirt pocket, the Vanishing Point is there. If not in my pocket, then in my bag.
  9. Sailor Professional Gear King of Pen (M) – Black/Rhodium: A big, beautiful pen with a big, beautiful nib that’s a joy to use.
  10. Sailor King of Pen (OM) – Royal Tangerine: I like the KOP writing experience. The bright orange makes me smile. The oblique medium nib is my favorite nib for just sitting down and writing. Instant core pen.
  11. Sailor Professional Gear Regency Stripe (H-EF): This brings some silver bling to my core pens. I generally like laid-back pen designs, nothing too flashy. The Regency Stripe breaks that rule with its reflective, silver body. I love the thin, extra-fine nib.
  12. Sheaffer Balance II Aspen Limited Edition (M) and
  13. Sheaffer Balance II – Jade Green (M) and
  14. Sheaffer Balance II – Crimson Glow (M) – All three have same nib, which I love and is more a fine than it’s official designation of medium. The Aspen is my favorite pen and the other two are close behind. Unfortunately, they are a bit fragile which keeps them from getting out much.And finally, a non-fountain pen joins my core pens…
  15. Esterbrook Dip-Less – Red/Black: Usually with a #7550 nib. A dip pen made my core pens list. It’s currently in storage, waiting for the day when I again work at one desk enough for me to have an inkwell with a bottle’s worth of ink in it.


These are pens I do like, but not as much as I should. Unlike the core pens, I don’t exclude passing them on and would do so if another pen joined the collection. But for now, they’re probably worth more to me than someone else.

  1. Benu Briolette (EF) – Secret Garden. A May 2020 purchase and too soon to have any opinion.
  2. Benu Scepter II (EF) – A June 2020 purchase and too soon to have any opinion.
  3. Diplomat Aero (EF) – Orange/Black: A nice writer. Still new, but I like it more than I expected.
  4. Diplomat Aero Volute (F) – Another recent addition that I like. But, It’s still too new to have a solid opinion.
  5. Esterbrook Estie (Vintage Estie nibs) – Evergreen: This is a hanger on simply because it can handle my Esterbrook nibs. The original vintage Esterbrooks are too uncomfortable for me to use for anything more than quick notes. Still, The Newton Eastman gets picked over this one every time. This one travels better since it doesn’t have a barrel full of ink trying to exit out the nib as the pen jostles in my bag. (Review link is for my earlier Estie which was since replaced by this one)
  6. Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic (Needlepoint) – Solid Emerald: This is the original Model 02 design. I just really like the pen, especially the acrylic. I tried other Model 02 pens and they never measured up. This is close to being a core pen.
  7. Kanilea Kona Cherry (EF) – Absolutely stunning acrylic. A new arrival (April 30th) so to soon for a solid opinion.
  8. Lamy 2000 (F) – Black: Another elegant, mostly black design. A great writing pen once I had the nib fixed by Mike Masuyama. My only Amazon pen purchase (at least for pens above $10). Bad out of the box, but at a price that made the nib tuning cost acceptable.
  9. Lamy Safari (2016 Special Edition) (M) – Dark Lilac and Lamy Safari (2017 Special Edition) (EF) – Petrol: I like Safaris so will probably always have one or two (or AL-Stars). I have a collection of Safari nibs in various sizes so I can swap them.
  10. Leonardo Officina Italiana Messenger (EF) – A recent addition (Apr. 2020) with a few shortcomings which may keep it out of my core pens, but too soon to tell.
  11. Parker Vacumatic Maxima, 1942 Blue Diamond – Silver Pearl – I’ve always liked the look of these vintage Vacumatics. I decided to keep the one that fits with my aesthetic, lots of silver.
  12. Pelikan Souverän M815 Metal Striped Special Edition (F) – Very close to being a core pen, I just need to see if the shine wears off over time.
  13. Penlux Masterpiece Grande (F) – Black & White Koi
  14. Pilot 912 (PO) – Black w/silver trim
  15. Sailor 1911 (M Stub) – Sterling Silver: A high maintenance pen since it requires polishing. The build quality is suspect since I did have to re-attach the end of the barrel. But, I like the weight of the pen and it writes well. The nib is a factory medium with a custom stub grind.
  16. Sailor 1911 Full Size Realo (MF) – A Sailor piston filler.
  17. Sailor 1911L Ringless Epinard (Zoom)
  18. ystudio Classic Desk Pen – Copper – A permanent fixture on my home desk. Functional and good looking. Quick to pick up and use for a quick note, while comfortable for longer writing sessions.

Sheaffer Collection

I use the term collection loosely. There’s no real among these pens and despite my tendency to be a completest I have no desire to collect a entire model or any other collection theme. But, unlike my other pens these can stick around simply because I like Sheaffers and they don’t need to be used regularly to earn their place.

  1. Sheaffer Balance Full Size Vacu-Fill – Carmine Red Striated
  2. Sheaffer Balance Full Size Vacu-Fill – Golden Brown Striated
  3. Sheaffer Balance Junior lever fill – Pearl & Black
  4. Sheaffer Balance Lifetime Full Size – Black
  5. Sheaffer Balance Lifetime Oversize – Grey Pearl Striated (Needs Repair)
  6. Sheaffer Balance Lifetime Oversize c.1935 – Marine Green (Broken, likely unrepairable – would need a new cap)
  7. Sheaffer Balance Lifetime Oversize c.1935 – Marine Green
  8. Sheaffer Balance Lifetime Oversize c.1935 – Grey Marble
  9. Sheaffer Balance Lifetime Oversize c.1935 – Gray Pearl/Red Veins (Needs Repair)
  10. Sheaffer Craftsman Tip-Dip – Pastel Green
  11. Sheaffer Crest – Nova Green (See Nova Red review)
  12. Sheaffer Custom Legacy – Blue Fleck barrel made by Franklin-Christoph
  13. Sheaffer Imperial – Brushed Steel
  14. Sheaffer Legacy I – Blue Lacquer/Gold Cap
  15. Sheaffer Legacy II – Sandblasted Emperor’s Silver Pattern Chrome Plate PT
  16. Sheaffer Legacy Heritage – Coppertone GT
  17. Sheaffer PFM I – Green (see the article on blue PFM I)
  18. Sheaffer Ringtop – Jade Green
  19. Sheaffer Triumph Lifetime Vacuum Fill – Carmine Red
  20. Sheaffer Triumph Sentinel Deluxe – Green Striped

All The Rest

These are the pens I’ve accumulated over time but almost never use. Some need repair but I don’t like them enough to pay for the repair, they may eventually become practice pens if my skills improve.

  1. Benu Grand Scepter X (F)
  2. Caran d Ache Dunas – Shiny Red
  3. Conway Stewart Marlborough Vintage – Woodgrain (Needs Repair)
  4. Cross ATX – Chrome
  5. Cross Bailey
  6. Delta Vintage – Green
  7. Edison Menlo Pump Filler
  8. Esterbrook $1 Bandless – Foliage Green
  9. Esterbrook J – Copper
  10. Esterbrook J – Dubonnet Red
  11. Esterbrook J – Fern Green
  12. Esterbrook J – Fern Green
  13. Esterbrook SJ Double Jewel – Silver
  14. Faber-Castell Basic Black – Leather
  15. Franklin-Christoph Model 03 Iterum – Smoke
  16. Franklin-Christoph Model 20 – Vintage Green
  17. Gate City Pen The Belmont – Claret Stone
  18. KarasKustoms Ink – Silver
  19. KarasKustoms Ink – Green
  20. KarasKustoms Ink – Orange
  21. Kaweco AL Sport – Raw Aluminum
  22. Merlin 33 – Grey Marble No. 6
  23. Namiki Knight – Silver
  24. Namiki Sterling – Dragon
  25. Namiki Sterling – Hawk
  26. Namisu Nexus Minimal – Black
  27. Parker 21 – Navy Blue/Silver Cap
  28. Parker Vacumatic Major, 1944 Blue Diamond – Golden Pearl (Brown Stripe)
  29. Pilot Metropolitan – Black, Zig-Zag (and others)
  30. Platinum Carbon Desk Pen
  31. Ryan Krusac The Legend – Black Walnut Burl
  32. Sailor Clear Candy – Clear w/black trim
  33. Sailor Fude 55º – Green
  34. Sailor Recycled Material Desk Pen
  35. Sheaffer VFM – Maximum Orange
  36. Signum Orione – Blue
  37. Taccia Mother of Pearl – Harmony
  38. TWSBI Classic – Burgundy (Leaks)
  39. TWSBI Go (B) – Sapphire
  40. TWSBI Go (EF) – Smoke
  41. TWSBI Micarta
  42. TWSBI Vac 700

Formerly Owned Pens

If I wrote about why I sold the pen it’s linked with “Saying Goodbye”

  1. Aurora Optima Nero Perla
  2. Benu Minima  – Mystical Green
  3. Bexley 2007 Owners Club – Amber
  4. Bexley 2007 Owners Club – Mahogany
  5. Bexley America the Beautiful – black
  6. Bexley Imperial – Red/Black
  7. Bexley Intrepid – Mandarin Yellow
  8. Bexley Poseidon Magnum – Duofold Red
  9. Bexley Submariner – Orange : Early in my days accumulating pens this was a clear favorite and I always carried it. Is has the distinction of being the only pen I lost. Clearly lost, not stolen. I couldn’t find a replacement and eventually stopped looking.
  10. Caran d Ache Geneve – Brown Marble
  11. Caran d Ache Ivanhoe – Metallic
  12. Conklin Crescent Filler LE – Demonstrator w/Black Trim
  13. Conklin Ohio – Blue
  14. Conklin Ohio – Peach
  15. Conway Stewart FPH 60th Anniversary – Brown Marble
  16. Cross Apogee – Chrome
  17. Cross Verve – Merlot
  18. Edison Collier – Antique Marble
  19. Edison Pearl 2012 LEE #8 – Black/Beige Swirl
  20. Edison Herald – Amber Tortoise
  21. Edison Extended Mina 2015 LE #23
  22. Edison Nouveau Encore LE (LE #07) – Flecked Tortoise
  23. Edison Nouveau Premiere LE (LE #69) – Cherry Cordial
  24. Esterbrook Estie – Tortoise
  25. Esterbrook SJ Double Jewel – Dubonnet Red
  26. Faber-Castell E-Motion Rhombus – White
  27. Fountain Pen Revolution Dilli – Green
  28. Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic (2nd gen) – Amber-Orange & Cinnamaroon
  29. Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic (2nd gen) – Smoke & Ice
  30. Franklin-Christoph Model 19 “1901” – Black w/King’s Gold band (Saying Goodbye)
  31. Franklin-Christoph Model 20 – Tiger Red (Saying Goodbye)
  32. Franklin-Christoph Model 25 Eclipse – Black
  33. Franklin-Christoph Model 29 Bellus – Black/Red (Saying Goodbye)
  34. Franklin-Christoph Model 40 Pocket – Smoke & Ice
  35. Gate City Pen New Postal Senior – Ruby/Black
  36. Gate City Pen New Dunn Pen – Tattler
  37. Gate City Pen The Belmont – Galapagos
  38. KarasKustoms Ink – Gold 
  39. Kaweco AC Sport Carbon – Red
  40. Kaweco AL Sport – Stonewashed Black (Saying Goodbye)
  41. Kaweco Allrounder – Black
  42. Kaweco Student – White
  43. Kaweco Classic Sport – Clear
  44. KarasKustoms Ink – Red
  45. Lamy AL-Star – Green
  46. Lamy AL-Star – Ruby Red
  47. Lamy Safari – Black
  48. Lamy Safari – Dark Blue
  49. Lamy Safari – Green
  50. Lamy Safari (2012 Special Edition) – Apple Green
  51. Lamy Safari – Sky Blue w/red clip
  52. Lamy Safari Vista – Clear
  53. Lamy Safari – Yellow
  54. Levenger L3 – Yellow
  55. Levenger Rocket Writer – Black
  56. Levenger Sangria – Blue
  57. Libelle Epic – Bamboo
  58. Libelle Granite – Burgundy
  59. Libelle Nature Collection – Mosaic
  60. Libelle Nature Collection – Mother of Pearl
  61. Libelle Nature Collection – Tuscan Sunset
  62. Monteverde Impressa – Pearl/Blue
  63. Monteverde Regatta – Sea Green
  64. Montblanc Meisterstück Ultra Black LeGrand
  65. Namiki Falcon – Black
  66. Noodler’s Ahab Flex – Jade
  67. Noodler’s Ahab Flex – Dec 25th
  68. Noodler’s Konrad Ebonite – Methuselah’s Pine Cone
  69. Noodler’s Konrad – Irish Brigade
  70. Ohto Rook – Green (worst pen I ever owned)
  71. Omas 360 Vintage Collection – Turquoise
  72. Parker Duofold c1928 – Orange
  73. Parker Insignia Wave – Sea Green
  74. Parker Striped Duofold Senior 1945 Blue Diamond – Red/Gray Stripe
  75. Parker Vacumatic Maxima, 1939 Blue Diamond – Golden Pearl (Brown Stripe), Double Jewel
  76. Pelikan M101N Special Edition – Lizard
  77. Pelikan Piazza Navone (Saying Goodbye)
  78. Pelikan Picadilly Circus
  79. Pelikan Shanghai (Saying Goodbye)
  80. Pelikan Souveran 200 – Green
  81. Pelikan Souverän M605 – Blue w/silver trim
  82. Pelikan Souverän M805 Stresemann Anthracite
  83. Pilot Prera – Yellow
  84. Pilot Vanishing Point – Chrome
  85. Pilot Vanishing Point – Green w/Gold Trim
  86. Pilot Vanishing Point – Gunmetal w/Black Matte Trim
  87. Pilot Vanishing Point – Matte Black “Stealth”
  88. Pilot Vanishing Point 2012 LE – Black Marble
  89. Pilot Vanishing Point 2016 LE – Guilloche
  90. Pilot Vanishing Point – Yellow
  91. Piper Prism – Red
  92. Platinum #3776 Century – Bourgogne (Burgundy) (Saying Goodbye)
  93. Platinum #3776 Century – Chartres Blue (Saying Goodbye)
  94. Platinum #3776 Century – Sonji
  95. Platinum #3776 Ribbed (UEF)
  96. Platinum Plaisir – Green
  97. Platinum Plaisir – Red
  98. Platinum Plaisir – Silver
  99. Platinum Plaisir – Gunmetal
  100. Retro 51 Double Eight – Green
  101. Retro 51 Tornado Lincoln EXT – Copper
  102. Rotring 600 – Lava
  103. Sailor 1911 – Black
  104. Sailor 1911 – Blue
  105. Sailor 1911 – Burgundy
  106. Sailor 1911M – Yellow
  107. Sailor Professional Gear – Imperial Black
  108. Sheaffer 300 – Metallic Grey
  109. Sheaffer Crest – Nova Red
  110. Sheaffer PFM I – Blue
  111. Sheaffer Snorkel Saratoga – Burgundy
  112. Sheaffer Targa – Green Marble
  113. Sheaffer Intensity – Carbon Fiber
  114. Stipula Model T – Green
  115. Taccia Staccato – Black
  116. TWSBI Diamond 540 – Amber
  117. TWSBI Diamond 540 – Demonstrator
  118. TWSBI Diamond 540 – Smoke
  119. Visconti Brunelleschi
  120. Visconti Homo Sapien Bronze Age
  121. Waterman Carene Deluxe – Silver Plate
  122. Waterman Charleston – Citrine Yellow
  123. Waterman Edson – Blue (Saying Goodbye)
  124. Waterman Liaison Cobra

13 thoughts on “My Pen Accumulation

    • I started a little over ten years ago although “just after the turn of the century” sounds better. There was a break in the middle where I didn’t get to many new ones, just one or to a year. Then things picked up at the same time I started this site.


    • Hi Erin. Thanks. No, no Montblanc. I like the classic look of the 149 but not the price. I also like the Hitchcock LE but that is way beyond my price range.



      • So cool a collection.
        If you started 10 years ago then you average 11.4 pens per year ! Way more than mine.


  1. Hi

    A great collection.

    Have you looked at Nakaya pens? The urushi finishes are amazing. I got one recently and its is the most beautiful pen I have and writes so smoothly.


    Adrian Rees


    • Adrian, I’ve only seen one Nakaya in person and it was a gorgeous as the pictures, more so actually. They’re definitely on my radar but at their price I want to see the finish and try the pen model before I buy. Plus, I’m paralyzed by the choices 🙂 I am jealous of your Nakaya. Congratulations.



  2. Thanks Ray.

    I know what you mean about choices; I only have a dozen or so pens and every time I look I see more that I like!



    • Hi Ashokdad,
      I haven’t been all that excited with the Omas 360. Doesn’t mean I can’t review it but it does mean I haven’t used it enough to review. I’ll put it in the queue to ink up and do a review in August (or so).

      Thanks for reading,


    • Hi JD, Well, three of them is a bit much. They are a good size and comfortable for me to write with. The Smoke is a pain to clean which keeps me from inking it up. (It is c/c but I don’t like seeing the converter or cartridge in it so I eyedropper it.) It’s probably the one I’ll get rid of eventually. I have the orange (actually called amber) inked up now and like it a lot, both in looks and performance. It’s translucent so I can see the cartridge inside if I look but it bothers me less than a silver converter and is less visible than the mostly clear smoke model. I imagine it might also be hard to clean as an eyedropper since the inside is rough for the frosted look. I’ve never used it as a eyedropper for that reason. Physically they’ve all held up well. Personally, I like the uniqueness of the tapered barrel.

      Thanks for reading,


      • Thanks, Ray. I appreciate your detailing your response! The amber is a very interesting look. Quite intriguing. I’m thinking about getting the plain ol’ Emerald, my favorite F-C acrylic.


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