Nib Workers, Pen Restorers and Fountain Pen Makers

Here’s a list of nib workers, fountain pen restorers and fountain pen makers that I’ve actually used. I no longer maintain a directory of these folks.

Nib Workers & Pen Repair

I no longer maintain a directory of nib workers and pen repairers. There’s a lot of new choices out there these days and I can’t keep up with all the changes.

While I would recommend getting your first nib tuned or ground in person at a pen show, it’s not always possible. I covered my own experience sending out for nib work here. I’ve only sent pens out for nib work this one time, all other work has been done at pen shows while I sat in front of the nib grinder. (No longer true, see Marc Bacas below) My grinds are typically simple – adjustments, slimming to a thinner nib. or grinding to an oblique.

I’ve used Mike Masuyama at pens shows and through the mail. He’s the one who fixed the flow issues in my Sheaffer Aspen, which seemed to be more of a feed issue with the pen (and affected many pens in the model) rather than a nib adjustment.

Dan Smith (Nibsmith) has adjusted a couple of my pens at shows and turned my broad sized Pelikan extra-fine into a realistically sized extra fine nib.

Ron Zorn of Main Street Pens fixed a bent Sheaffer nib for me at a pen show. The pen has written great since.

Joshua Lax tuned a couple of my troublesome nibs at a pen show.

Mark Bacas (nibgrinder) has done a lot of nibs for me. He may have done more nibs than anyone else (I’ll count them up eventually). He’s done both bent nib repairs and grinds for me, and he’s my first choice these days (April 2021). I completely satisfied with his work. I’ve only dealt with him through the mail. Communication is good, and his turnaround time estimates have been fairly accurate. Keep in mind, turnaround time is from when he receives the pen (which he confirms) to when he sends the video to review the work. So transit time will extend that.

Custom Fountain Pen Makers (That Have Made Pens For Me)

Edison Pens – (Twitter)  (Instagram)
I’ve bought several of their group buy and production line pens over the years. The Huron Grande is the only completely custom pen I’ve bought from them. I wrote my first impression here. The pen is still one of my core pens.

Fisher of Pens (now F3 Pens)  (Instagram)
I bought the Hermes at a pen show, so it was already made. I wrote my first impressions here, and it remains a core pen today.

Ryan Krusac –  (Twitter)   (Instagram)
The Legend was another pen show purchase, so an already made pen. It was a relatively new design at the time. My first impressions are here. I still have the pen, and I like the feel of wooden pens, but my use of the pen has dropped off.

Shawn Newton –  (Twitter)  (Instagram)
The Eastman Shawn made for me was a unique custom pen. Unique, because it was machined to use vintage Esterbrook interchangeable nibs. A good buying experience, with good communication. He also pointed out things I should consider (such as the pen being big for the nibs which may look weird). I reviewed the pen here. It’s still a core pen. Shawn’s website says the current wait for a custom pen is 3 years, so I’m glad I got mine when I did.