Sunday Ink Notes – December 16, 2012

Not much changed on the Fountain Pen front this week. I’m still trying out my brown inks. The results for one ink is decided and I’ll have a post about it tomorrow. I haven’t decided if I’ll fill it with another brown ink or use up a couple other pens first.

There were some links worth reading today. This posting at From The Pen Cup took a couple hours out of my Sunday afternoon. Not because the article was such a long read. While it was an interesting article it sent me off to Jet Pens to look for the ink, which I found. Then I started looking at comparable fountain pens, which I found. But then that led me to looking around the Jet pens site for other low cost fountain pens. Which I found.By the time I was done I had 10 low-cost pens in my cart along with some ink and a notebook I decided to try. Jet Pens is a dangerous place to browse. I think I took as much stuff out of my cart as I left in.

The Inkophile had several good links. Rather than repeat them here just visit the fountain pen link post. The fountain pen database puts my spreadsheet to shame and the Diamine Music Collection of inks is going to cost me money, and cause me to break my resolution to not buy any new inks next year.

The latest pen addict podcast was about collecting Field Notes notebooks. I never knew there was such a thing. I listened to the podcast but still don’t quit understand. I like and use Field Notes but I can’t understand paying $50 for a set and not using it. Nothing wrong with it, I just don’t get it. Then again, people say the same thing about my fountain pens.

There’s another giveaway at FPGeeks. This time more samples plus a notebook. Check it out before December 19th.


Ink Notes: Diamine Ancient Copper

Overall I really like this brown ink and copper is a good name for this ink. It flows well, doesn’t feather or bleed through on all the papers I used, from cheap copy paper to Rhodia  pads. The color really depends on the nib used and I tend to use thinner nibs so I don’t get a lot of shading.

I’ve used it in the following pens:

The Pilot Vanishing Point (Matte Black) with the .6mm stub nib performed well. I tend to have a light touch when writing and even lighter when using the Vanishing Point. This did cause some skipping but was probably due more to my pen not making good contact in a notebook that doesn’t lie flat or when I write too fast and barely touch the paper. Even so, there was good ink flow. There was a little shading apparent when using this nib. Drying time was about 15 seconds on a Rhodia Dotpad with this nib.

When concentrating and making sure I apply a little more pressure than I normally would the ink and pen wrote well without hesitation or false starts.

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Pleasant Surprises

On Monday I wrote about my pen disappointments of 2012. Now it’s time to get more upbeat with the pleasant pen surprises of 2012. Like the disappointments I limited myself to pens I received in 2012. Like the disappointments this is completely subjective and  based on my expectations.

My first pleasant surprise came in March in the form pf an Antique Marble Edison Collier with an extra fine nib. This was my first Edison pen and while I had read good things about them I didn’t really know what to expect. What I got was a great looking, well built pen. The steel nib writes great without any issues.

That first Edison triggered an addiction and I’ve added three more Edison pens. Plus I have two more on order including a Signature Line pen.

My second pleasant surprise was in July. This time it was the Franklin-Christoph Model 66 Stabilis Desk Pen with an extra fine steel nib. This was my first F-C pen so I didn’t know what to expect. There was even less info than there was about Edison, although what I found was positive about the company and their other pens. I absolutely loved the pen and reviewed it here. This pen also triggered an addiction and I added four more Franklin-Christoph pens to my accumulation.

That was it for 2012 pleasant surprises. They offset the two disappointments. Of course, now that my expectations for Edison and Franklin-Christoph pens are so high they probably won’t make this list in 2013.

What were your 2012 pleasant pen surprises?

Ink Notes: Noodler’s Apache Sunset

Noodler’s Apache Sunset became one of my favorite inks the first time I used it. Even though I tend to use thin nibs the shading abilities of this ink do show through. I haven’t experienced any feathering in my use.

This ink was made for my Gate City New Dunn pen, “Tattler” edition with a medium nib. I love the way the ink appears in the barrel. Because the pen comes apart so easily cleanup is a breeze, just remove both ends and flush water through. The ink also easily flushed out of the feed with just a couple flushes. The ink doesn’t appear as red on the paper as it does in the pen, where it almost looks to be a blood red.

So far the New Dunn pen is the only pen I’ve put this ink in.

Gate City New Dunn Pen photo
Gate City Pen New Dunn with Noodler’s Apache Sunset

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Pen Disappointments of 2012

On the recent Pen Addict podcast Myke and Brad discussed their most disappointing pen and paper purchases. That seems like a good topic and easier than picking my favorite purchases. Although I will have to follow-up with a post about the favorites.

I limited my possibilities to pens I received this year. I was shocked to see I added 26 pens and nibs to my accumulation this year. Disappointment depends on expectations so it’s completely subjective. A disappointing pen doesn’t mean it’s a bad pen.

June was a bad month for me as both my disappointing pens were added in June. My first was a $16.50 pen so I didn’t expect much from it – a Ohto Rook. So in this case disappointing does equal bad. It’s a pocket pen that fails to write when I take it out of my pocket. Ink flow is nearly non-existent. When it does manage to write I know it will dry out in a sentence or two.

The Rook was the cheapest pen I bought this year. My other disappointment was at the other end of the spectrum. The Conway Stewart Marlborough Vintage is the most expensive pen I have ever purchased. I absolutely love the look and feel of the lever fill version I received. But at this price I had high expectations and as a writer out of the box this pen was a major disappointment. I had flow problems right away due to a feed misalignment. I could fix it myself but it was a major disappointment.

Did you have any disappointing pen purchases this year?