Pens For Sale

I’ve picked another group of fountain pens to put up for sale. I find I like turnover and variety, so I’m selling some off to fund future purchases. Full detail, and more pictures are on the sale page. A representative selection is shown below. EMail me at to buy a pen. The first firm “I want it” gets the pen. Questions are welcome, but will not hold the pen.

The form that was previously on the sales page was broken. If you used it recently, I did not receive the info. Please send me an email. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Sunday Links – August 15, 2021

Pens Posted for Sale: I’ve added 18 pens to the For Sale page. I dug deep this time around, listing several former favorites and core pens. So, I’ll have to redo that listing.

A selection of pens for sale
A sample of the pens I’ve put up for sale

I’m still on my summer schedule, so today is a links only post.

Pen Show Links

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All the Rest

TWSBI Swipe Review – From a Fan – The Poor Penman // I’m intrigued by this pen.

Growing passed the iron gall terrors — mnmlscholar // I still most avoid IG, as I’m afraid I’ll forget it’s in there and go a typical month without using it.

canetas e coisas: JINHAO

Review: The Pen Post | Comfortable Shoes Studio // I ordered my copy, and eagerly await its arrival.

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Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – August 8, 2021
Pen In: Sheaffer 300 (Left) Pen Out: Lamy Aion (Top) : The Favorite: Franklin Christoph Model 02 (Right)

My fountain pen usage was up a bit these past two week, thanks to a lot of writing on Thursday and Friday. “A lot” is relative, maybe about four B5 pages and another 4 or so A5 pages over those two days, along with my usual notes and lists.

Journaling has been erratic, but not forgotten. Having the Kanilea Kona Cherry inside my Journal case helps. I love the pen, and if I open the journal case, I might as well write in the journal.

The Washington DC Pen Show is this weekend, ending today. I’m vaccinated, but I still couldn’t bring myself to go into a crowd of people. Every time I would go to a pen or trade show I’d get sick. Copious use of hand sanitizer would sometimes help, but not always. I probably should have also worn a mask back then. So I’m hesitant and probably won’t attend my local Commonwealth Pen show either.

I’m still working on getting pens up for sale. I want to do them as one big batch rather than dribble them out. I’m still debating some pens, but the longer I wait to more I lean towards selling them. I’m already weeks beyond my original target, so no way I’m estimating when they’ll be ready.

Current Reads, Watches & Listens

Reading: Fall of the Core by Ryk Brown. Brown’s latest book in The Frontiers Saga. The Frontiers Saga is planned as a 75 book series. The first two series (30 books) have been released and I liked them all. This is a standalone book that seems to be a rewrite of four prequel novellas. (I didn’t read the novellas so this story will be new to me.) I got this on Kindle Unlimited but hadn’t gotten too far into the book when I was sidetracked by a library book that freed up. It’s yet to hook me, but I will go back to it.

Reading: Foundation by Isaac Asimov: I read this as a teenager, so long ago that it’s like reading a new book. The Apple TV promotions (for the series) got me interested in reading it. I’m only a few chapter into it, but enjoying it.

Not Playing: Civilization VI I’m a Civ VI addict. It wasn’t too bad when I I had an Intel MacBook Pro. Despite being a high end 16″ MacBook Pro, Civ was slow to start and unstable, which made it less enjoyable, or provided an easy stopping point when it crashed. Once I found the right settings to reduce the crashes, I could still limit my sessions by playing the game on battery, which would quickly drain, giving me a little over an hour.

With my M1 MacBook Air this all went away. The game starts faster and is stable. In theory I could easily get a few turns in during a 15-minute break. But with just my willpower to stop, it was rarely 15 minutes. The battery can power the game for over three hours which makes it useless as a way to limit gameplay. It’s been eating up my leisure time, and making a dent into what should be work time. So, Saturday morning I deleted the saved games, and the game itself. Re-installing is easy enough, bit it’s a speed bump that will make reading or writing the “easier” choice for leisure between work tasks and chores. Civ is the only video game I like, so I have no doubt it will be back to it soon enough.

Oh, I do still have it on my iPad. Could be a problem. At least it’s a few content updates behind the desktop version.

New Arrivals



  1. Esterbrook (Kenro) OS Estie – Seaglass w/ Palladium trim. It’s backordered and not due until September.



Out of Rotation

  1. Lamy Aion Dark Green (EF) w/Lamy Green ink went dry. I love this pen and the ink performed well while matching the pen.

Into Rotation

  1. Sheaffer 300 Matte Green (F) with a Sheaffer Black cartridge.

Pen Shows

Pen Shows Are Happening Again! Now what? — The Pen Addict // Some good tips and advice.

The 2021 summer pen show collection — mnmlscholar // JP’s weekly load out, but with an eye to visiting a pen show.

2021 D.C. Pen Show Day 1 Review and Saturday (“The Big Show”) Preview! — The Gentleman Stationer // Friday was for weekend pass holders only. Saturday was the first public day and I suspect there will eventually be reviews of Saturday and Sunday, so if you’re interested, check for future posts.


Only one link per site, so be sure to check for other new articles once you’re there.

Neglected Pens And A Waterman Carene | An Inkophile’s Blog // Every pen deserves a second chance. Personally, neglected pens have bothered me more and more lately, and I’m now in the mindset that using a neglected pen means neglecting a different pen. Hence, my upcoming pen sale.

A Nib Journey With The Leonardo Momento Zero Mango | From the Pen Cup // Good to hear they have good customer service. And a lesson to not ignore contacting the manufacturer for pen issues.

Writing – Goodwriterspens’s Blog // Agreed.

New pen day – Pam Alison Knits // I like the looks, but the rest of the pen certainly isn’t for me. I don’t know how she went so long without inking it up. Good luck with the new job!

Doing the resurrection shuffle – or how to breathe new life into pens (and maybe this blog too) | Slightly unnerved // I can relate to the retail therapy and declining pen use. I’m finding it surprisingly hard to write a pen review these days. I’ve started several.

First Impressions: The TWSBI Swipe is a Steal — The Gentleman Stationer // I’m a sucker forfountain pens with interesting mechanics or filling methods. Including two converters, and a cartridge, is interesting, as is the cartridge and converter capacities. I had one in my cart on release day, but decided I didn’t need another pen write now. While it’s standard international, that seems to apply to the feed attachment only. Everything seems too big to fit inside most fountain pens.

Review: M605 Green-White (2021) | The Pelikan’s Perch // Good review. I like the look of the pen, but the US price is a non-starter. As usual, an excellent review. As Joshua mentions, us US folks may be better off ordering from Europe.

How to Get the Most Out of a One-Day Writing Escape — The Pen Addict // Good advice, not just for writing.

Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – August 1, 2021

It’s still summer, so this week is a link only post.

Pen Shows

Pen shows are back. Since I like reading about them, they get an exemption from the 1 link per site rule.

The Washington DC Pen Show is coming next weekend.

How To Pen Show | Inkdependence!

The London Spring Pen Show: my haul. | Fountain pen blog

Pen shows are back, and better than ever | UK fountain pens // Be sure to seek out a recent post looking back at departed fountain pens.

The Late Late London Spring Pen Show | dapprman

More Pen, Ink & Paper Links

I limit myself to one link per site each week, so be sure to check other recent posts on these sites.

Trash Printmaking More Coffee Bag Process | Comfortable Shoes Studio // While I don’t think I would ever do this, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this whole series.

Fun With Ballpoints – Left Hook Pens // My shame is I bought two ballpoints last week.

Putting Japanese F nibs in the driver’s seat — mnmlscholar // The smudged Apache Sunset reminds me of the reason I stopped using that ink, despite loving the color. It was a magnet for smudges. Glad to see it’s not just me.

Crónicas Estilográficas: From Platinum to Lanbitou // This can’t be good for fountain pen innovation.

How Do You Use Your Pens? – Goodwriterspens’s Blog // The last sentence sums it up nicely.

Mini Collections, Part IV: All the PURPLE Inks — The Gentleman Stationer // Purples are also my favorite fun ink. Sometimes in a thin nib for annotation, but often with my Sailor zoom nib.

Shibui Kibo Urushi Enamelled Copper Pen | dapprman // An interesting pen made with a less common (but faster) Urushi technique.

Notebook Review: Profolio Oasis Notebook – The Well-Appointed Desk // I’ve been using the Profolio Oasis Light notebooks and I’m a fan. Good paper, good price.

On My Desk – July 2021 | An Inkophile’s Blog // Certainly not a nib selection I’d use, but I do like the pen and ink.

This Just In: Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic Gemstone

Franklin Christoph Model 02 fountain pen in Gemstone acrylic
Franklin-Christoph Model 20 Intrinsic Gemstone

The Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic, in Gemstone acrylic came to my attention in a recent Franklin-Christoph email blast. I usually either just delete these marketing emails, or save them for when I want to catch up on what’s happening. I happened to open this one soon after it arrived. The photo was gorgeous and immediately caught my attention. I didn’t really read the email, just clicked through to the website and the pen. I knew I liked F-C pens and the Model 02 specifically, so I decided quickly, and didn’t take a day or two to consider it. It’s probably good that I didn’t wait since the pen is now sold out. I don’t pay too much attention to Franklin-Christoph these days, but my impression is that a lot of their pens are short runs of unique acrylics, which may or may not repeat. This is one reason I don’t pay too much attention to them, it’s exhausting trying to keep up.

It’s the green and red in the gemstone material that caught my eye. I’m not a fan of blue. While there are blue specks, it’s the least visible color. Or, my brain reflexively suppresses it. In any case, I wasn’t too concerned about the blue. I ordered the pen late Monday afternoon, and it was in my hands on Friday.

Unboxing and First Impressions

When I unboxed the fountain pen and opened the zipper pouch I was a little disappointed. The gemstone material didn’t “pop” like it did in the photos. I was in very subdued, indirect lighting. Under good photography lighting the material certainly does pop, so there was no misdirection. The acrylic also looks much brighter under my normal desk lighting. I’ve gotten past my initial disappointment and the first impression has worn off.

First Ink

Franklin Christoph Model 02 Gemstone fountain pen with pouch

The Model 02 comes with a pen pouch rather than the traditional clamshell or presentation box. While I probably won’t use the pouch a lot, it’s certainly more practical packaging than a box I’ll never use. It is all in a small cardboard box that provides protection and structure for shipping, so it’s not just the pouch. A converter is provided, along with one blue and one black cartridge.

So I removed the cartridge and flushed out the section with a bulb syringe. I returned the cartridge and left the pen in my Penwell while I cooked, ate, and cleaned up after supper. So, well over an hour. Still no ink could reach paper. The ink cartridge went into the garbage. The pen got another quick flush and I shook out the water into a cloth. Then the converter went on and I filled the pen with Waterman Intense Black. If the pen has any issue with Waterman ink it’s going back.

My disappointment grew as I tried to ink the pen. I like to avoid waste and use the included cartridge as the first ink. I picked the black cartridge as the first ink and popped it into the pen. I tried a couple Franklin-Christoph inks when they first introduced their own ink line, and I didn’t like them. Because of that I almost skipped the cartridges, and I should have. Even though the pen spent several hours nib down in my Penwell, and got some help from me, the ink never reached the business end of the nib.

I was very pleased when the Model 20 wrote perfectly with the first stroke. The extra-fine nib is nice and smooth, with a line that’s true to the nib size. The pen wouldn’t be going back.

Using the Model 20 Intrinsic

Franklin Christoph Model 02 Gemstone in a Penwell Traveller.

The pen can be capped/uncapped in less than one rotation, about 3/4 of a turn. The threads are at the bottom of the section, just above the nib. They are thick threads. At one time F-C called them block threads although I haven’t seen that term recently. They are a bit of a pain when I bottle fill with the converter attached. The ink gets into the threads and needs to be aggressively wiped off with a soft towel. My impression is more ink is wasted than in other pens, since the ink can’t be easily swiped back into the bottle, and the threads collect more ink than a flat section. With a typical section I usually “scrape” it along the bottle top to get some ink back into the bottle. I may be overestimating the lost ink (I’m not about to figure out a way to measure it), and in any case, it’s a small amount.

I still have the original Model 02 (rev 1) which has the traditional higher, and smaller threads. I prefer it’s design over this one, but I can see where the original’s threads would bother some people. The current Model 02 (rev 2) is slightly thicker, which is a point in its favor. Although, I don’t notice a difference when using the pens. Both versions are comfortable. My longest writing session with the new pen has been three 8.25″ x 11.75″ pages, and it was fatigue free. I expect to easily duplicate the 2+ hours sessions I have with the original Model 02.

The Model 02 can be eyedropper filled, although I don’t plan to do that. I don’t need a large capacity these days, and I like changing up my inks.

My only real complaint is the clip. It’s extremely tight. I can’t slip it over any of my pen case material. That’s not a huge issue since the clip fits inside the pen slot, and stays secure. I can slip it over a thin shirt pocket, but it’s a two-handed operation. The tight grip makes it extremely secure.

Franklin-Christoph Model 20 Intrinsic Gemstone

Wrapping Up

Franklin-Christoph says they tune and test the nibs on all the pens they sell. I can believe it. The extra-fine steel nib is a smooth and consistent writer. The Gemstone material, while subdued in indirect lighting, really sparkles when there’s any direct light hitting it. It doesn’t have the depth of my Kanilea Kona Cherry, but it is less than half the price. I can get lost staring into the Kona Cherry. That doesn’t happen with the Gemstone Model 20, but the Gemstone acrylic still makes me smile.

Despite the initial disappointments, I’m extremely happy with the Franklin-Christoph Model 20 Intrinsic with Gemstone material and an extra-fine nib. My Lamy Aion Dark Green has been my daily workhorse for a few weeks. Once the Aion goes dry (very soon) the Model 20 will take over and it will have a chance to show me what it can do. I’m looking forward to it.

Franklin-Christoph Model 20 Intrinsic Gemstone (EF)
Franklin-Christoph Model 20 Intrinsic Gemstone (EF)