Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – March 10, 2019

Another week of light fountain pen usage. I pulled out my Travelers notebook and started using it again. I’m using the two-page-a-week spread to plan my week and list the important tasks. I like planning to out on paper, where I can see the entire week and make changes as I go along. But to be honest, once the week is set I never look at it again. I’ve been using a blank pad in the book too. I’ve been using this for writing, including the review that will post later this week. The Traveler’s is small enough to carry around so I can do same writing whenever I get a chance.


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Saying Goodbye: Visconti Brunelleschi

Visconti Brunelleschi Limited Edition box top viewI recently sold odd my Visconti Brunelleschi LE fountain pen. This seems like a good time for a review and let you know why I sold it.

I bought the Brunelleschi back in March 2018 when it was originally released. I was enamored with Terra Cotta at the time, purchasing several Terra Cotta inspired inks.

While it make sound strange for a pen that I’m selling, there’s nothing I don’t like about this pen.

So why sell? The pen doesn’t call out to me. It’s only been filled five times (with four inks) and I didn’t missed it when it wasn’t inked up. It didn’t fill a unique niche in my accumulation. I’ve grown to enjoy medium nibs more over time, but it isn’t my only nice medium nib, although it is one of my top medium nibs. My Montblanc LeGrand and Sailor KOP both call out to me and I miss them when they aren’t inked. My Visconti Homo Sapien is the same size and the extra fine nib is more versatile for me. Plus, the Homo Sapien is another pen I miss when it isn’t inked.

Because the Brunelleschi is such a nice pen I felt guilty not using it enough. It deserves a better home. Finally, one reason to sell sooner rather than later is that I still have all the packaging and accessories. My track record for keeping these isn’t good.

Some observations about the Visconti Brunelleschi:

  • The pen is comfortable in my hand and I can use it for extended writing sessions without fatigue.
  • Visconti has a reputation for bad quality control with their nibs. This nib was great out of the box, as was my Homo Sapien.
  • The pen has a nice, consistent flow.

I used four different inks in the pen, all performed well.

  • Visconti Brown (Sepia) that came with the pen. I never did find out the specific name for this ink and it’s a assumption.
  • Callifolio Aurora – This was a little tedious to clean from the pen. Not exactly hard, just took a long time. Desire the extra cleaning time, I used this ink twice.
  • Montblanc Encre du Desert (Brown)
  • Diamine Terracotta

The Visconti Brunelleschi had everything going for it, it just didn’t click with me. It has a lot of good competiion among my accumulation so I decided to sell it off.

For Sale: Pelikans M620 Fountain Pens

Pelikan M620 Shanghai and Piazza Novana for saleI’m thinning my flock of Pelikans and am offering the following M620 City/Places Series pens. No boxes or paperwork are included. The pens are piston fillers. All pens are used but in excellent condition. Feel free to ask any questions. The first firm “I want it” gets the pen. If the pens don’t sell by this coming weekend they will go to eBay.

If you’re interested reach me using [ray [@]] or contact form here.

U.S. shipping is $7 and will require a signature for delivery unless requested otherwise. Shipping is via USPS insured priority mail

International shipping is at cost, very expensive, and will require tracking and insurance.

Pelikan M620 Shanghai with an 18K gold, rhodium plated nib. The nib is a broad stub. A factory broad nib ground to a stub by Mail Masuyama (write up) – $350 (Sold)

Pelikan M620 Piazza Navona with an 18K gold, rhodium plated nib. The nib is a broad stub. A factory broad nib ground to a stub by Mail Masuyama. (my review). The nib was tuned to be a bit on the dry side. I wrote about it in this post. – $250 (SOLD)

The pens are being sold because the broad nibs aren’t for me, despite earlier aspirations.

If you’re interested reach me using [ray [@]] or contact form here.

Long Term Review: Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen

Sailor Pro Gear KOP (M) with Montblanc Lucky Orange bottleThe Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen in basic black with rhodium trim, and a medium nib was a 2016 Washington D.C. Pen SHow Purchase. It’s been filled with fourteen different nibs since then.

I wrote about my first impressions in my “This Just In” post on August 11, 2016. I’ll recap some of that post here where it makes sense. You can revisit that post to see my very first impressions. This review covers the two and a half years since then.

A case can certainly be made that this pen is overpriced (~$740 now, only $20 less when I got it.) It’s a basic black pen with rhodium trim. It’s certainly well made, but it’s a resin (plastic) pen. It does have a 21kt gold nib. Many less expensive pens share those specifications, at least on paper. If I hadn’t been able to test it and talk to others about it at a pen show, I wouldn’t have purchased it. But I did purchase it. I have no regrets.

Sometimes I feel compelled to use a pen in order to get my money’s worth, especially at this price point. I want to use the Sailor King of Pen Pro Gear.

At the time I purchased this KOP I was very much a thin nib guy, the thinner, the better. This nib made me more open to medium nibs. I’m grateful that I resisted the urge to have it ground down while I was at the pen show.

While not ideal for all my pen needs it has become one of my favorite pens. This is attested to by the fact that I’ve used fourteen different inks with it in a little over 30 months. This is a lot for me. This is easily the most of any pen during this time. All fourteen inks were written dry, and a couple received refills of the same ink. While I’m not getting any new inks these days, it’s been my first choice for trying new inks since I got the pen.

It’s a pen I use when I plan to sit down and do some writing at a desk or table for an extended period. Extended can be as little as 10 minutes (but typically much longer). It’s not a pen I use for intermittent note-taking or as a pocket pen.

Inks Used

In general, the nib is a nice, slightly wet writer that does a good job of showing off the variations in an ink’s color. The following inks have been used in this Sailor King of Pen. I’ve included any notes I made at the time I used the ink.

  • KWZ Gummiberry – The first ink I used in this pen. It helped sell me on the pen and nib since it showed off the purple color so well.
  • Bookbinders Ground Rattler
  • P.W. Akkerman Hofwartier Groen #28
  • Robert Oster Signature Orange
  • Bookbinders Everglades Ratsnake (orange)
  • Montblanc Lucky Orange – The ink performed well in this pen. Although the feed shows signs of ink drying out, I didn’t encounter any skipping or hard starts.
  • Bookbinders Red-Belly Black – This ink was very *clingy* to both the nib and the feed.
  • Callifolio Aurora – nice line variation with this nib & ink,
  • Callifolio Teodora
  • Montblanc The Beatles Psychedelic Purple – This ink has become a favorite and this pen allows the ink to shine.
  • Athena Sepia
  • Papier Plum Burgundy
  • Sailor Sei-Boku Pigmented Blue-Black cartridge
  • P.W. Akkerman Steenrood von Vermeer


I haven’t updated my favorite five modern fountain pens since buying the Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen, but based on usage, it has a claim to replace any pen on the list, other than the Homo Sapien.

##Photos from the KOP’s past

Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – March 3, 2019

My fountain pen usage ticked up a bit recently. I wrote one pen dry. My Fraklin-Christoph Model 03 Iterum (review), with its extra fine nib and Montblanc Meisertück 90 Years Permanent Grey ink went dry earlier this week. This is the pen I’d been carrying in my Fodderstack XL.

It’s been replaced with the Franklin-Christoph Model 02 (review)with a medium stub nib. I usually want an extra-fine nib in the Fodderstack, but I decided to try this.

Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Intrinsic Emerald Green uncapped

This site will finally see some new reviews next week. I’m going to start doing some long term reviews of pens that have been in my accumulation. The first is a pen that’s gotten a lot of use and already scheduled for Monday. No promises on frequency, but since they are for pens I’ve had a long time they should be quicker to write. Quicker is relative to my last review being over two months ago.

I plan to start thinning the pen accumulation (think I’ve said that before). The current plan is to post a pen or two for sale on this site every Monday or Tuesday, then list them on eBay if they don’t sell by the weekend.

Housekeeping: I’ve disabled “likes” along with the sharing buttons on this site. So if you’re looking for them, they aren’t there.


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