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From time to time it’s necessary to thin the fountain pen accumulation and make room for new ones. Prices are firm and I’m not looking to trade.

You can use this form to inquire about any items listed below or email me at ray [at] A firm “I want it” and I’ll send a Paypal invoice.

Pen boxes, converters, and accompanying paperwork are not included unless specifically mentioned.

U.S. shipping is included in the price unless the listing says otherwise. International Shipping is not available. Full details why are here (and it’s even worse these days). There’s also additional shipping details, and my current shipping status, down at the bottom of this page.

Click any image for a full-size photo. Any photos on this page were done when the pen was put up for sale, writing samples are current and were done when testing the pen before it went on sale.

Photo of pens for sale - capped

photos of pens for sale - uncapped

#1 Karas Kustoms Ink, Tumbled Aluminum body, Aluminum Section, Fine Steel Nib – This is the first generate Karas Kustoms (aka Karas Pen Co) Ink. The parts are not interchangeable with the current production model. I reviewed this model (but not this specific pen) here. Pen is in excellent condition although the tumbled aluminum has a rough look. Converter included. Body purchased in Jan. 2015, section/nib was swapped with an earlier ink purchase. Standard International c/c fountain pen. Converter is not included. $60

#2 Namiki Sterling Dragon, Medium 18kt Gold Nib – Namiki is a Pilot sub-brand. This pen tarnishes quickly compared to most pens. The photos were done about two weeks after polishing. There are typical micro scratches and the shiny surface does highlight them along with fingerprints and tarnish. Otherwise, the pen is in good condition. Includes Pilot sac style CON-20 converter that the pen originally shipped with when I bought the pen in April 2004. I’ll include a polishing cloth that has been significantly used. $275 (SOLD)

Photo of converter and polishing cloth.

photo of polishing cloth and converter for Namiki Sterling

#3 Lamy 2000, Original Black Makrolon, Fine 14K Gold Platinum Coated Nib – Piston filler. The pen is in excellent condition. The nib was extremely rough when I bought the pen in Dec. 2013 so I sent it to Mike Masuyama for nib tuning. A classic pen, with a still great nib. I reviewed the pen here. As mentioned in the review, I have a tendency to rotate the pen when using it, and I never broke the habit. It is why I like left obliques or large nibs that I can visually keep straight. So, I’ve decided to sell this pen. The pen is in excellent condition. $95 (Sold)

#4 Karas Kustoms Ink, Rollerball, Green with a Brass Section – Includes a Schmidt P8126 rollerball refill with an unknown amount of ink left. This is a Gen 1 Ink and the parts are not swappable with the current production model. I reviewed the Inks here. The brass section has naturally tarnished and has never been polished. Otherwise, the the pen is in excellent condition and was purchased in Dec, 2014 or earlier. $50

#5 Gate City Pen Belmont, Claret Stone, Extra-Fine Steel Nib – A post filler (aka pull filler). The pen was purchased in Nov. 2011 when Richard Binder was owner (or part owner?) of Gate City. The pen is in excellent condition. The filling system is described here. $80

#6 Leonardo Officina Italiana Messenger Verde, Extra-Fine Steel Nib I gave my first impressions of this pen here. The pen is in excellent condition. The original box and converter are included. The converter screws in for a firm hold. Purchased in April of this year. $140

#7 Not available

#8 Benu Grand Scepter X, Fine Steel Nib ** – The pen is in excellent condition. I gave my first impressions of this pen here. **$90. (SOLD)

Writing Samples for all Pens:

Writing samples for pens of sale #1Writing samples for pens of sale #2

Additional Shipping Details

I’ve had good experience with USPS domestically and insurance is included in the shipping cost. Insurance (and I) will not pay out for packages that are tracked as delivered but then go missing. If you are concerned about a package being taken from your porch or mailbox, you can request signature confirmation which costs an additional $3.00. Signature confirmation is included for no additional cost on shipments of $200 or more, unless you specifically decline it.

Current Shipping Status: My own incoming USPS packages and their tracking are very erratic. I’ll let you know when I bring the package to the post office and hope tracking stays updated after that. I do leave the package with a clerk at the counter, so I can be positive that the package is in the system. I also limit my trips to the post office to once or twice a week, which may add a further delay.

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