Pens For Sale

From time to time it’s necessary to thin the fountain pen accumulation and make room for new ones. Prices are firm and I’m not looking to trade.

You can use this form to inquire about any items listed below or email me at ray [at] A firm “I want it” and I’ll send a Paypal invoice.


Pen boxes, converters, and accompanying paperwork are not included unless specifically mentioned.

U.S. shipping is $7.90 unless the listing says otherwise. I’ve had good experience with USPS domestically and insurance is included in the shipping cost. Insurance (and I) will not pay out for packages that are tracked as delivered but then go missing. If you are concerned about a package being taken from your porch or mailbox, you can request signature confirmation which costs an additional $3.00. Signature confirmation is included for free on shipments of $200 or more if you request it.

International Shipping: International shipping is not available. Full details why are here.

Click any image for a full-size photo. All writing samples and photos on this page were done when the pen was put up for sale.

Conklin Crescent Filler Limited Edition Clear Demonstrator with Black Trim (Fine) – $75 plus shipping.

Conklin Crescent Filler Demontrator

I like the look of this pen, but it’s not for me. It’s only been used once, but I had to take it apart to clean it. Being a demonstrator, any traces of ink left in the sac bothered me and the only way I could see to get every drop out was to separate the section & barrel for better access to the sac. The section/barrel is friction fit so no special tricks (like heat) were needed to remove the section. The box is optionally available for the added shipping cost. If you want the box let me know your zip code when claiming the pen and I will invoice for the actual postage. The medium flat rate box is $14.35, so that’s the upper limit, but I expect the actual cost to be lower.

Parker 1944 Blue Diamond Vacumatic Major, Golden Pearl w/Gold Trim (14kt gold XXF nib) – $90 plus shipping.

Celluloid is in excellent condition with good transparency and no ambering. This was restored in 2013 and has seen little use since then.

Vintage Esterbrook Pens

1. Esterbrook Model J in Dubonnet Red (aka Red), no nib, excellent conditions – $25.00

2. Esterbrook Model J in Foliage Green (aka Green I), no nib, excellent conditions – $25.00

3. Esterbrook Model J in Foliage Green (aka Green I), no nib, very good condition, the one flaw is that the clip is slightly crooked so appears off-center – $20.00

4. Esterbrook Model J in Fern Green (aka Green II), no nib, excellent conditions – $25.00

Nibs (Optional)

Nibs are only available with an Esterbrook pen purchase and only one nib per pen. Quantities are limited and first-come, first-served. All nibs are used, no boxes included. I’ll install the nib in the pen unless you request otherwise.

Esterbrook #1550 Firm Extra Fine (3 available): $5/each

Esterbrook #1551 Firm Medium (1 available): $6/each

Esterbrook #2668 Firm Medium (3 available): $7.50/each



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