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From time to time it’s necessary to thin the fountain pen accumulation and make room for new ones. Prices are firm and I’m not looking to trade.

You can email me at to buy a pen or ask for more info. A firm “I want it” and I’ll send a Paypal invoice. If you recently used the form that was on this page, please send and email with your question or to purchase a pen. The form was broken and I did not receive the info. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Pen boxes, converters, and accompanying paperwork are not included unless specifically mentioned. I swap converters around, so any converter I include will fit the pen, but it probably’s isn’t the original.

U.S. shipping is included in the price unless the listing says otherwise. International Shipping is not available. Full details why are here (and it’s even worse these days). There’s also additional shipping details, and my current shipping status, down at the bottom of this page.

For pens I purchased new, I’ve included the approximate date of purchase.

Click any image for a full-size photo. Any photos on this page were done when the pen was put up for sale.

Available Pens For Sale

Pen Tray 1 Uncapped

Esterbrook (Kenro) Estie Evergreen (EF): A modern Esterbrook made in the Kenro era, purchased in March 2019 with a steel extra-fine nib. I’ll be replacing this one with an Oversize model which is my size preference. Includes the converter and box. I used the MV adapter so the extra-fine nib was only used once. The MV adapter is NOT included with the sale. Excellent condition. $110.00 Price Lowered

Karas Kustoms Ink Tumbled Raw Aluminum (M): Original version purchased in January 2015, the parts cannot be swapped with the current version of the Ink. Aluminum gripping section. Medium steel nib. Converter included. $60.00

Retro 51 Lincoln (1.1): Purchased in Dec. 2020. Copper finish which will patina. Steel 1.1mm Stub nib. I have not polished the pen. Includes packaging and converter. Excellent condition $40.00

Penlux Masterpiece Grande Black & White Koi (F): Piston filler with a steel nib purchased in June 2020. A large pen but relatively light since there’s no metal other than the nib and furniture. Piston filler. Original box included. Excellent condition. $140.00.

Benu Scepter II (EF): Purchased in June 2020. Extra-Fine Steel nib. The converter and original box are included. Excellent condition. $60.00 Price Lowered

Sailor Pro Gear King of Pen (M): Black with Rhodium Trim and a medium 21kt gold nib. Purchases August 2016. The nib was bent when the pen rolled off my desk. It was repaired by Mark Bacas. Recent nib photos are below. Some micro-scratches from sliding in/out of pen cases, otherwise excellent condition. Converter included. $500 Signature required on delivery.

Franklin-Christoph Model 20 Marietta Vintage Green (M.Stub): Clip-less. Purchased in August 2015 with a Mike Masuyama medium stub nib. (He was doing their stub nibs at the time.) This pen has a history of leaking through the feed into the cap. It’s not a consistent, but also not permanently eliminated by reseating the nib and feed. Also can be hard to uncap at times, seemingly due to lower pressure (suction) in the cap. (Related?) Excellent condition otherwise. $90.00 (SOLD) (Was $180 new)

Franklin-Christoph Model 66 Black (EF): Long, clip-less desk pen. Flat area on one side engraved “Franklin-Christoph” that can act as a roll-stop (as long as the pen has no momentum. Black. Holds a lot of ink when eye-dropper filled. A long time favorite of mine, but it’s been ignored too long. Excellent condition. $135.00 Withdrawn. Contacted me if interested, but the price is firm and you’ll have to wait until I write it dry. It’s back in the rotation.

Sailor Pro Gear British Racing Green: A Goldspot Pens exclusive purchased in Oct. 2020. It has a 21kt gold Medium-Fine nib (H-MF engraved on the nib). I love the look of the pen, it’s just too small and light for me to use comfortably. Only inked twice. Original box included. Excellent condition. $250

Leonardo Officina Italiana Momento Zero Blue Green (M): Captive converter (although listed as cartridge/converter by the original seller when I bought it in November 2020) with a medium steel nib. Excellent condition with original packaging. $95.00 (SOLD)

Lamy Safari USA Independence Day (1.1): The Lamy Steel 1.1 mm stub nib is not the original nib received with the pen. I purchased this Red, White & Blue pen in December 2020. Original box included, converter not included. $20.00

Sheaffer Balance II Jade Green (M): I’m letting go of a favorite, keeping just one Balance II. This one is model 874 and has an 18kt Gold Feather Touch nib. A lovely nib, The pen has a reputation for cracking, but there are no cracks in this pen. I never used the clip or posted the pen. Sheaffer converter included. $200.00 (SOLD)

Sheaffer Balance II Crimson Glow (M): I’m letting go of a favorite, keeping just one Balance II. This one is Model 875 and has an 18kt Gold Feather Touch nib. A lovely nib, The pen has a reputation for cracking, but there are no cracks in this pen. I never used the clip or posted the pen. One cap band is uneven on the cap. The band and is secure and this could be a mfg defect, it is evident the photos I took when I got the pen in 2015. Sheaffer converter included. $180.00

Backlighting to highlight the uneven cap bands

Lamy AL-Star Bronze (EF): I’m definitely Team Safari, so this one has to go. I purchased it in January 2021 with a steel extra-fine nib. It’s in excellent condition, only inked once. No box or converter $25.00

Lamy Aion Red (F): I purchased this in April 2021 and inked it once. I didn’t like it as much as the Dark Green model, so I decided to pass it on. Fine steel nib. Excellent condition. Includes converter and the original box. $50.00 (SOLD)

Diplomat Aero Orange/Black (EF): This was my first Diplomat Aero, but not my last. I bought this pen in March 2020. It has an steel extra-fine nib and includes a Diplomat branded converter. $115.00. (SOLD)

Retro 51 Lincoln (F)(New): New, still in factory sealed packaging. Purchased in January 2021. Steel Fine nib. $50.00 (SOLD)

Pelikan M815 Metal Striped SE (F): A special edition now discontinued by Pelikan. 18kt gold rhodium plated fine nib. Piston filler. Excellent condition. Includes original box and paperwork. $525.00 Price Lowered

Additional Shipping Details

I’ve had good experience with USPS domestically and insurance is included in the shipping cost. Insurance (and I) will not pay out for packages that are tracked as delivered but then go missing. If you are concerned about a package being taken from your porch or mailbox, you can request signature confirmation which costs an additional $3.00. If the shipment is above $200 signature confirmation is free if requested. I may require signature confirmation for some shipments.

Current Shipping Status

My own incoming USPS packages and their tracking are very erratic. Some packages arrive early, some late. Sometimes tracking updates, sometimes there aren’t any updates between post office acceptance and delivery. I’ll let you know when I bring the package to the post office and hope tracking stays updated after that. I do leave the package with a clerk at the counter, so I can be positive that the package is in the system. Once that happens, it is out of my control. I also limit my trips to the post office to once or twice a week (Usually Tuesday & Friday), which may add a further delay.

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