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The following websites provide useful fountain pen information. Some are retailers but they also provide good resources.

If you’re looking for nib workers or fountain pen makers you’ll find them here. Pen Show links have been expanded and have there own page here. If you’re looking to meet pen people in person then check out the pen club page.

Last updated December 22, 2016. Added the Enthusiastic Users section.

Enthusiastic Users (a.k.a My Personal Favorites)

These are sites by people who enjoy using their pens, ink, and stationery. They focus on what they use and don’t usually review borrowed, gifted or discounted pens and notebooks. So posts may be infrequent, but worth the wait (IMO), and stationery may only be a small part of what they write about. I limit the list to 24.

  • Alt.Haven – A pen blogger from Singapore. A nice mix of ink and fountain pen reviews.
  • Crónicas Estilográficas – Lots of photos and research focused on Japanese pens.
  • The Finer Point – Pens paper and ink with an emphasis on notebooks and planners lately.
  • Fountain Pen Inks & Bleach – A very unique display of ink. They aren’t traditional reviews but they are great.
  • From the Pen Cup – pens of all types and thoughts related to them.
  • The Frugal Fountain Pen – For the Frugal Fountain Pen Lover
  • Hand Over That Pen – A blog my a trio of pen enthusiasts so reviews with three points of view.
  • Leigh Reyes – Pens, calligraphy and related topics
  • The Pelikan’s Perch – Laser focus on all things Pelikan
  • Pen Economics – Some nice looking pens and economics with a fountain pen focus. (On hiatus, so a good time to catch up)
  • Pens and Junk – A blog about pens… and other junk
  • Penucopia – Thomas Hall’s blog. Infrequent posts but always good.
  • The Purl Bug – Pens/Stationery and Knitting videos. She’s stopped releasing the Pen/Stationery videos but you can still go through the old videos which are useful. Focused on what she uses and how they work for her.
  • Three Staples – Laser focus on Field Notes
  • Too Many Pelikans – Over 300 of them (don’t be surprised if the name changes)
  • Write to Me Often – Beautiful pen photos with text in Turkish and English (Looks like it’s been Turkish only in 2019)

Pen and Stationery Blogs

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