Nib Workers, Pen Restorers and Fountain Pen Makers

Here’s a list of nib workers, fountain pen restorers and fountain pen makers. I’ve used the services of very few of these so inclusion in the list doesn’t imply any endorsement. Do your own research, which can start with their website. Some have a Twitter or Instagram feed with examples of their work.

Even the best nib worker or pen maker may not be right for you, so it’s always good to research several choices. The FPGeeks Forum has a market feedback section. The Fountain Pen Network may have vendor feedback but it will always be positive since they discourage (delete) negative comments and there isn’t a specific market feedback forum. You can quickly search for reviews by pen bloggers by using the Pennaquod pen blog search tool.

Nib Workers & Pen Repair

Not everyone listed here does both nib work and pen restoration but there’s enough crossover (and vagueness in the term “repair”) that I grouped them together.
While I would recommend getting your first nib tuned or ground in person at a pen show it’s not always possible. I covered my own experience sending out for nib work here.

Art Van Haselen (Art’s Nibs) – (Instagram)
Brian Anderson –  (Twitter)  (Instagram)
Dan Smith –  (Twitter) (Instagram)
Greg Minuskin –
Indy-Pen-Dance  (Twitter)
John Mottishaw (Classic Fountain Pens) –
Joshua Lax (J.J Lax Pen Co) –
Marc Bacus –    (Twitter)  (Instagram)
Mike Masuyama –
Pendleton Brown –
Richard Binder (Pen Shows only) – (Twitter)
Ron Zorn (Main Street Pens) –

Custom Fountain Pen Makers

Carolina Pen Company –  (Instagram)
Edison Pens – (Twitter)  (Instagram)
Fisher of Pens – (Twitter) (Instagram)
JEB’s Pens –
Ken Cavers –    (Twitter)   (Instagram)
Przemysław Marciński –
Ryan Krusac –  (Twitter)   (Instagram)
Scriptorium Pens –  (Twitter)  (Instagram)
Shawn Newton –  (Twitter)  (Instagram)
Twiss Pens –