Fountain Pen Book Sale

I’m cleaning out my bookshelves and have decided to sell the following fountain pen books. They will be available to my readers until Saturday (noon Eastern Time) when they will go up on eBay for higher prices (sometimes significantly higher). Shipping is to the United States only and is free through USPS Media Mail. I will provide other shipping if you request it but keep in mind that these are heavy books.

These books are now listed on eBay. Click the picture to go to the eBay listing. I will offer a 10% discount to FPQuest readers. To get the discount click the “Ask a Question” link toward the bottom of the listing. In your question mention coupon code “FPQuest” or mention you saw the book on this site. I’ll reply with an offer that’s 10% less than the listed price. All offers are subject to prior sale until you actually buy the book. The discount does not apply to shipping should you pick a non-free shipping method. International shipping is available through the eBay Global Shipping Program, please carefully review the shipping & customs charges before buying the book.

I hate to limit shipping to the US but it will be expensive internationally since the books are heavy. I’ve also had recent issues with the USPS with international shipping which, while no items were lost, the delays and hassles were a problem. When they go on eBay they will be available internationally through eBay Global shipping. (Although I suspect international shipping and import taxes could exceed the cost of the book in some cases. but at least eBay will calculate all that before you buy.) I’ll update this post should they go on eBay.

To purchase you can use the contact form or email me at ray [@] Payment will be via PayPal after I send an invoice. These prices are firm although if you buy three books at once, shipped to the same U.S. address, by noon EDT this coming Saturday I’ll take 10% off the total.

Parker Vacumatic by Geoffrey Parker, David Shepherd and Dan Zazove – $99.00

ISBN: 0954687531

Covers the Parker Vacumatic from 1932-1948 and includes 100’s of illustrations and photos. Book is in excellent condition. No torn or written on pages. Binding in good conditions. Hardcover. The dust cover is a little shelf worn but not torn.

Parker Vacumatic book front

Fountain Pens Past & Present, Second Edition, by Paul Erano – $29

ISBN: 9781574323856

Book is in excellent condition. Hard Cover. No torn or written on pages. Binding in good conditions.  There’s a penciled inventory/price notation in the top corner of the black page facing the from cover.

Fountain Pens Past and Present front cover

Fountain Pens: United States of America and United Kingdom by Andreas Lambrou – $39.00

ISBN: 0856675326

250 Pages, 540 Color Illustrations, 60 hand produced line drawings. Hardcover.

Covers the most important fountain pens from the U.S. and U.K.

Fountain Pens book front

Fountain Pens and Pencils: The Golden Age of Writing Instruments, 3rd Edition by George Fischler & Stuart Schneider – $59

ISBN: 9780764328398


Fountain Pens and Pencils front cover

Parker “51” by David and Mark Shepherd, 2004 – $99.00

ISBN: 0954687515

Covers the history of the iconic Parker 51 fountain pen in 167 pages with hundreds of illustrations and photos. Hardcover with dust jacket.

Front cover of Parker "51" book.

Parker Duofold by David Shepherd and Dan Zazove, 2006 – $79.00 – Sold

ISBN: 0954687523

All about the Parker Duofold in 362 pages with hundreds of photos and illustrations. Paperback. The front and back covers are scuffed. The book has obviously been read but the pages are still tightly bound. No torn or stained pages. No writing on the pages.

Parker Duofold book cover fron


Field Notes For Sale

I’ve been working to reduce the clutter around the apartment. I finally got to my box (well, one of them) of pocket notebooks. I decided to put a few that were still in the shrink wrap up on eBay. Even without these I’ll still have far more than I’ll ever use. All are still in the original shrink wrap. Follow the link to the eBay listing for full details.

Standard shipping in the U.S. is free although expedited shipping is a added-cost option. International shipping is available to most countries but it will probably be expensive. The price is set by eBay and will vary by destination.

Workshop Companion

Standard Issue DDC Factory Floor

Drink Local: Lagers

Drink Local: Ales

Art & Sciences


Night Sky



Sweet Tooth – Sold

Lunacy (subscriber set of 4)

Fountain Pens For Sale

It’s time to thin the accumulation again. All the pens are in excellent shape, they just aren’t for me. Shipping is $6 in the U.S. unless otherwise noted.

Additional details and fine print:

  • I will ship internationally. International shipping is at cost which can be significant, at least $25 for a reasonable delivery time, about $16 for a delivery time that could be measured in weeks. I’ve had some recent problems with the USPS with recent international shipping (geographically challenged, sometimes sitting in customs for the wrong country, resulting in delivery times exceeding a month) so I reserve the right to not sell the pen when tracking and insurance are not available. The price of the pen is declared for customs.
  • Multiple pens in the same order pay only one shipping charge.
  • Boxes are not included unless specifically mentioned in the pen description.
  • The prices are firm. No trades, I’m trying to reduce the number of pens.
  • All the pens were recently tested and thoroughly cleaned as recently as last night. There may be moisture condensation in the pen when you receive it.

If your interested in the pen you can contact me using the form at the For Sale page or email me at ray <@> A firm “I want it” and I’ll send a PayPal invoice. Square Cash is also accepted if you’d prefer. I’ll hold the pen for 24 hours after invoicing for payment and then make the pen available for sale again. I’ll ship no later than the business day (M-F) after payment is received.

The pens are listed in the same order as in the group photos (L -> R). Click any of the pictures for larger photo.

Pens for sale - cappedPens for sale - uncapped

Pilot Vanishing Point 2012 Limited Edition – $190

Excellent condition. This is #1659 and is the last of my metal VPs as I make room for the new wooden models. Includes your choice of a 18K gold rhodium plated fine nib or a 18k gold gold colored medium nib. The con–50 converter and the cartridge cover are included. The presentation box is optionally available. If you want it there will be an additional $5 shipping charge or see the bonus offer below.

Bonus offer – add $60 for the following:
* The second nib unit, with a second con–50 converter and a second cartridge cover.
* The presentation box.
* Free US shipping or $11 off international shipping
So the total of everything would be $250 with free US shipping or $11 off international shipping. This offer is only available with the Pilot VP pen.

Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Red – $90

Fine steel nib. Excellent condition. Includes a Kaweco Eco single pen leather pen sleeve (reviewed here).

Edison Herald Amber Tortoise – SOLD
Edison Herald Amber Tortoise nibFine steel nib, excellent nib tuned by Richard Binder when purchased. Excellent condition. Includes a Schmidt converter. No box or paperwork.

Sailor 1911 Dark Blue w/gold trim – SOLD

Sailor 1911 music nib21K gold music nib. This is a dark blue, nearly black pen. The nib and pen are in excellent condition. The converter is included. The zoom nib isn’t for me so the pen got little use and it’s time to give it a better home. This is the full size 1911.

Sailor 1911 Black w/gold trim – SOLD
Sailor 1911 Zoom Nib21K gold Zoom Nib. The nib and pen are in excellent condition. The converter is included. The zoom nib isn’t for me so the pen got little use and it’s time to give it a better home. This is the full size 1911.

Sailor 1911 Burgundy w/gold trim – SOLD
Sailor 1911 medium nib21K gold medium nib. The nib and pen are in excellent condition. The converter is included. This is the full size 1911.

Sailor 1911M Yellow w/gold trim – SOLD
Sailor 1911M broad nib14K gold broad nib. I reviewed the pen here and as I mentioned I already sold the pen once and it came back to me with flow issues. I pulled the nib and cleaned it thoroughly and this seems to have resolved the issue. I’ve priced the pen with the assumption you may need to adjust/clean it so I won’t take the pen back for flow issues (the pen retails new for about $150). The pen is in better cosmetic shape than before since as part of the cleaning I was able to get some ink stains out. Excellent cosmetic condition and an excellent writer the last time I used it, but as I mentioned it has a history of flow issues. The converter is included.

Pelikan 200 Green Demonstrator w/gold trim – SOLD
Pelikan M200 nibFine steel nib. The nib is gold colored. The pen and nib are in good condition but the pen show minor signs of use such as fine scratches. There is some moisture condensation above the piston.

Pelikan M605 Dark Blue w/rhodium trim – SOLD
Pelikan M605 nib14K gold medium nib. The pen and nib are in excellent condition.

Kaweco Classic Sport clear demonstrator – SOLD
Kaweco Classic Sport nibExtra fine steel nib. The nib is gold colored. There is some ink staining between the feed section and the barrel.

For Sale – Three Pilot Vanishing Point Barrels

These have been sold.

Time to thin the accumulation a bit. While I like Vanishing Points I really love the Maplewood and the metal VPs aren’t getting much use. So I’m selling off some of the barrels. The nib units are not included. Converters, boxes, and cartridge covers are NOT included either, just the barrel. Nib units are available from retailers such as Goulet Pens.

Shipping in the U.S. is $6 per order (any number of pens in one shipment) and includes tracking and insurance. US addresses only, no international shipping for these pens. I found that USPS has been geographically challenged on my last two international shipments and I don’t want to take the risk at this time. Sorry.

You can use the contact form on the For Sale page or email me at ray [at] A firm “I want it” along with your email address and I’ll send a Paypal invoice and then will send the pen(s) within 2 days of receiving payment. I’ll also take Square Cash on request.

Pilot Vanishing Point Matte Black barrel only – This is in good condition with minor signs of wear – Sold

Pilot Vanishing Point Matte Black for salePilot Vanishing Point Chrome barrel only – In good condition with minor signs of wear – sold

Pilot Vanishing Point Chrome for salePilot Vanishing Point Gunmetal w/black trim barrel only – In good condition with minor signs of wear – Sold

Pilot Vanishing Point Gunmetal for sale