Karas Pens Decograph Giveaway Winner

I picked the winner of the Karas Decograph giveaway. There were 81 comments and 30 entries using the contact form for a total of 111 entries.

The winning number was:

Winning number from random.org

The winning number picked at random.org

The winning comment is:

Pen Giveaway winning comment

If this is you, reply to my email within 72 hours. I heard back, so the pen is claimed.


Giveaway: Karas Pen Decograph 1702 Elektron

Entries are closed for this giveaway and the winner has been picked.. This giveaway is open internationally.

Karas Pen Co. Decograph 1702 Elektron - Capped

My extra ink was sent off earlier this year and my extra paper is going out now. So it’s time to move on to the hard part, culling the fountain pen accumulation.The Decongraph is an unsolicited pen I received for review. I gave the pen a quick look here but didn’t use the pen enough to give it a full review, and since I didn’t agree to do a review I didn’t feel compelled to use it. There’s nothing wrong with the pen, although I still get a whiff of the odor when I uncap it which bothers me. When I did pick it up it just didn’t pull me in. I can’t sell it and don’t want it. So, it’s up for this giveaway. This is a reviewers unit so there are slight differences to the production model, which was a limited edition (mainly around the numbering and engraving) as mentioned in my quick look.

The winner will get the Decograph 1702 along with the Karas Cylinder for the pen. A converter is included (I swap around, so probably not the original, but it fits) and an instruction pamphlet rolled up in the cylinder. As mentioned in the quick look, the pen builds up an odor when in an enclosed area, so I expect it will come with that too. The pen stand in the picture is not included.

Entries will be open through noon eastern US time on Friday, March 16, 2018. To enter, follow the requirements below:

  • Answer the following question “In what country are Karas Pens made? Hint here.(Not a trick question requiring a special version of the country name, just a speedbump to verify you read the rules and had to do something to claim the pen.)
  • Submit your answer in a comment, or use the contact form. Use a valid email address in the email field of the comment (not in the comment itself) or contact form. It will not be published and will not be shared. Only one entry per person (either comment OR form, not both). Comments may be held for moderation (WordPress should tell you if it is) but will be approved within 24 hours. I will not confirm submissions that use the contact form (sorry).
  • I will number all entries, with contact form submissions being numbered after the comments. Then I’ll pick a number using random.org for the winner.
  • The winner will have 72 hours to answer my email with their shipping info, otherwise, I move on. I will not try to hunt down someone beyond the email provided. I will post the winning comment, but you must reply to my email to claim the prize. I’ll resend the email to the same address upon request, but you must respond to my email or I’ll move on and pick someone else. No exceptions. I don’t want someone else claiming to be the winner.

I will close comments at noon on Friday (the 16th), or soon after. If I’m late closing comments then any that sneak in will be valid entries. It will take me some time to organize the contact form entries and comments before I can pick a winner so this may not occur until Saturday or even Sunday. This is a more expensive pen than my typical giveaway, so I expect a lot of entries.

Shipping details:

  • You’re eligible as long as I can start the pen on its way via USPS. I will use the least expensive shipping method.There is no insurance. If the pen is lost or damaged in transit I can’t replace it and won’t provide any other replacement prize.
  • Domestic (US): Tracking is provided. If you want it sent signature required so it isn’t left at your door please request it. There is no charge, but it must be requested.
  • International (outside US): The package will be declared as a gift on the customs form, but I still have to declare a value. You’re responsible for any charges that your local customs decides to assess. Officially, USPS says 7-21 days for delivery although not guaranteed. I’ve frequently had them take longer, a couple much longer. There is tracking within the US, but there may not be tracking once it leaves the US.

Good luck.

Fountain Pen Day Giveaway Winner

TWSBI Eco and ink samplesToday’s mail delivery arrived with three letters that just made it in, and I’ve picked the giveaway winner. Bruce R. from California won the TWSBI and ink samples. Bruce used a Pilot Metropolitan with a medium nib and Pilot Namiki Black ink. Bruce, you didn’t include your email so hopefully you see this, but since I do have your address the pen and ink will go out early next week. Congratulations.

There were 21 entries which I randomly put in a stack and then picked number 11 from random.org.

Fountain Pen Day Giveaway

TWSBI Eco and ink samplesFountain Pen Day, November 4th, may seem far away but it’s in less than six weeks. I’m doing another give away this year and like last year it will be old school and require a handwritten entry. Unlike last year the giveaway will end rather than begin on Fountain Pen Day. Score one for advance planning.

The giveaway is a new TWSBI Eco fountain pen that’s black (with a clear barrel for ink viewing) with a medium nib and a random sample of inks. On a recent Goulet Pens order I included their “Random Ink Sample Package”. I won’t list the eight inks so you’ll be as surprised as I was (unless you can tell from the picture).

The giveaway is open worldwide. I’m giving more time this year because some international entries barely arrived in time (and one didn’t) despite being postmarked close to the contest announcement. So if you’re international don’t delay.

To enter:

  1. Send a letter or postcard to me. “Letter” is very generic in this case. The letter can be anything, drawings, poems, a postcard, a standard letter, or a few words on an index card in the envelope, etc… as long as it’s delivered to the PO Box. Use a fountain pen if you have one, if you don’t have a fountain pen use your favorite writing instrument (or whatever is nearby) and include a few words about why you want a fountain pen. Not required, but I like to know the pens, nibs and inks used.
  2. Send your entry to:
    Ray Newbery
    PO Box 176
    East Berlin, CT 06023
  3. The entry must arrive by Friday November 4, 2016 and be in the PO Box when I pick up the mail that afternoon.
  4. One entry per person. Households with multiple fountain pen users can enter once per person but each entry must be written and sent separately.
  5. Please be sure to include a legible copy of your address on the entry as I will ship the pen to this address. Optionally (but recommended), include an email address so I can contact you before shipping the pen and verify any information.

I hope to announce the winner on Fountain Pen Day or a soon as I can after.

The really fine print:

None of this is important to you entry but to clarify some potential questions:

If I can’t pick up the mail that Fountain Pen Day afternoon then any entry in the box when I do pick it up will be valid as long as the postmark is November 4th or earlier.

If your entry doesn’t include enough information for me to send you the pen or contact you (or if the info isn’t legible) I will pick another winner or, at my option, post a copy of the entry and give the winner 72 hours to contact me to provide the information and pick another winner if not contacted.

Each entry will be assigned a number in a random fashion. In other words, in batches as I get to it. The winning number will be picked at random.org.

I’m not responsible for loss or damage in shipping, meaning if the pen is lost or damaged in shipping I can’t afford to replace it. For international shipping (I’m in the U.S.) I’ll use the lowest cost method and this may take six weeks and won’t include tracking (although there may be tracking until it leaves the US). The pen will be declared as a gift but listing the value is also required and the cost of the pen (less than $30) will be listed for international customs.

So get writing.

Giveaway Winner

Sheaffer 300 capped on clothIt took a little while but I just picked a winner in the Fountain Pen Day Sheaffer 300 giveaway. The Sheaffer 300 is going to Jeffrey in Ohio. Jeffrey write in using a Bexley “58” with a broad nib and De Atrementis Royal Blue ink. A nib size and ink color that would rarely make it into my rotation. But his writing is far better than mine so it looked good.

Jeffrey, I e-mailed you but already have your shipping address so I’ll be sending out the pen this coming week. This also means there won’t be a make-up drawing for an unclaimed prize.

I put the entries in a stack (there were 37 of them), in no particular order then I used random.org to pick a number and pulled that entry from the stack.

The winning number

Thanks to all of you who entered. I’ve yet to read all the entries but I will, starting after I post this.


Giveaway Reminder & Happy Thanksgiving

Current giveaway entriesThere’s less than a week left to get your giveaway entry in. It’s probably too late (but maybe not) for those outside the US to get their entry in by Monday, but there’s still time for those in the US. I’ve received 27 entries so far, seven of them from outside the US.

I’ve been bad and have yet to rad any of the entries but plan to do so in the next few days. I also got some postcards and plan to send a reply back to you all. Postcards are small, but it’s more than I usually do and hopefully it’ll be a stepping stone to full blown letters.

To those of you in the US (or anywhere else that celebrates it) – Happy Thanksgiving!

Fountain Pen Day Giveaway

Sheaffer 300 posted on cloth

[Updated Nov 13th – see item #7 if you don’t have a fountain pen]

Fountain Pen Day is here, at least for those of you in Tongo where each calendar day first arrives. Sounds like a good time for a giveaway. I admit, if I had done this right I’d be picking the winner on Fountain Pen Day, but instead we’ll start on Fountain Pen Day. The giveaway will be open until the end of this month and it will be old school. You’ll have to use one (or more) of your fountain pens.

The winner will receive a Sheaffer 300. I reviewed the pen here and this particular pen was provided for review by Goulet Pens. It’s a terrific pen, but I want to slim down my accumulation and this one can’t compete for my attention with 23 other Sheaffers. I need to part with this pen to prove to myself that I can sell pens that I do really like individually but the reality is I don’t use them. I wrote about this recently. In this case, since this pen was free for review, selling it isn’t an option. So a giveaway will prove the point to me.

To enter:
1. Send a letter or postcard to me. The only requirement is that you must use a fountain pen It must be handwritten or drawn. “Letter” is very generic in this case. The letter can be anything, drawings, poems, a postcard, a standard letter, or a few words on an index card in the envelope, etc… As long as a fountain pen is used and the USPS can deliver it to my PO Box.
2. Send your entries to

Ray Newbery
PO Box 176
East Berlin, CT 06023

3. The giveaway is open internationally, as long as the pen can be shipped there via USPS.
4. The entry must arrive on or before November 30, 2015
5. One entry per person please.
6. Please be sure to include a legible copy of your address in the entry as I will ship the pen to this address. Optionally, include an email address so I can contact you before shipping the pen.
7. [Updated Nov 13th] – I was asked how to enter if you don’t have a fountain pen. So – if you don’t have a fountain pen you can enter by writing a brief note on why you want a fountain pen.

Your address will not be shared or published. I may use your first name and country when announcing the winner or sharing your entry. I may publish or show some entries (although not showing addresses). If you have a public website, Instagram or Twitter account and mention it in the entry I may publish that info, so feel free to promote yourself in your entry. I do intend to share any entries I especially like. If you don’t want any of this info public just mention it and I will respect your request.

I will number each entry and then pick the winning number with random.org. What is written and the order received have no affect on your chance of winning. I will post the winner as soon as possible but since each entry must be sorted and numbered I may be delayed a few days, potentially the following weekend.

Optional, but appreciated:

It would be cool if you made a note of the ink and pen you used for the entry. I really wanted to require this but decided not to.

Including an email address will let me notify you if you win and clarify any shipping info (would really be appreciated for none-U.S. addresses so I can be sure they are exactly right). It would also allow me to send you any tracking info. I won’t share the email address or use it for any reason other than this contest.

The fine print

None of this is needed for your entry, but this giveaway has the potential to be complicated and sometimes Internet lawyers come out of the woodwork. So based on past questions and possible future questions…

If your entry doesn’t include enough information for me to send you the pen or contact you (or if the info isn’t legible) I will pick another winner or, at my option, post a copy of the entry and give the winner time to contact me to provide the information.

I intend to pick up the mail from the PO Box on Dec 1st. Should I not get there until a later day, any entries in the box will be valid as long as they are postmarked Nov 30th or earlier. Since I have no way to know when the letter arrived this is the only way that makes sense, but don’t count on me being late, get your entries in the mail.

Should an entry be found to be invalid after a number is assigned the numbers will not be reassigned. If the invalid entry happens to be drawn it will be voided and another number will be chosen.

I can’t/won’t replace any pens lost or delayed in transit. Generally there is tracking while the package is in the USPS system but not any tracking once it leaves the country. Since this is a used pen with no transaction associated with it any insurance payment from USPS would be a pipe dream and shipping will be the lowest cost method available from USPS.

International shipments (I’m in the US) will be declared as gifts although a value (which will be minimal and not the value when the pen was new) must still be listed. If your customs authority disagrees with the declaration you’ll be responsible for any taxes or duties.

It is one entry per person, two fountain pen lovers at the same address may submit separate entries. Each entry must be unique with each person doing their own entry and then sent separately with separate postage. This is easy to abuse but I’d ask you to respect the spirit of one entry per user. If abuse seems blatantly obvious to me I will reject entries. If I’m wrong and you do in fact have a household of 15 fountain pen lovers (as an example) I apologize but there’s no recourse or reconsideration once the winner is picked. My contest, my pen, my rules. My decision which is final.

So get out those fountain pens.