Ink & Pen Notes: Kaweco Brass Sport and Kaweco Red

Kaweco Brass Sport in pen loop

I put the Kaweco Red ink cartridge in my Kaweco Brass Sport way back on July 25th, so it took about 3 1/2 months to write dry. This is only the second ink for the pen since I got it.

I like the Kaweco Sport design in general. I really like the Brass Sport. The extra weight and the patina the brass is developing only serve to enhance the pen in my opinion.

The pen doesn’t get much use, even if it is in my pocket every day. Red ink seemed suitable for this pen. I usually have at least one full size pen with me so this gives me an easy to carry pen suitable for marking up other documents. It does mean the ink leaves the pen slowly.

There was a surprising lack of ink in the cap despite all the time spent bouncing around in my pocket and computer bag. I also like carrying it with my Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter.

The Kaweco Brass Sport performed well, no hard starts or skipping even when it was unused for over a week. Cleaning was quick and easy, even after nearly four months with red ink in it.

The Kaweco Brass Sport will be returned to the pen case. Of my three Kaweco Sports it will probably be used the most, but it’s time for a little break.

Ink & Pen Notes: Kaweco AL Sport with Kaweco Black ink

Kaweco AL Sport extra fine nibThe Kaweco AL Sport (Raw Aluminum) is showing the effects of being in my pocket with keys and other metal objects. I like it. That’s one reason it’s been inked up for nearly three months. I like carrying it, but it got very little use. I end up using it more at home than actually pulling it from my pocket when I’m out an about. So rather than go into the fourth month I decided to flush it out with about a quarter of the ink still in the cartridge.

I don’t have much to say. It’s a work horse pen and ink combination that work well. It’s just I find myself needing a pocket pen less and less these days. Plus, I recently added the Kaweco Brass Sport and I’ve been carrying that around. I don’t need two sports inked up.

The ink was easy to flush out. It was immensely easier to flush this pen, inked for nearly three months, than it was to clean the Akkerman IG ink of two weeks.

For now the Kaweco AL Sport goes back into the pen case.

Ink & Pen Notes: Kaweco AL Sport Black Stonewashed and Kaweco Red Cartridge

Kaweco Stonewashed AL Sport with red cartridgesI inked up the Kaweco AL Sport Black Stonewashed back in early June. I had intended to test it prior to offering it for sale. Instead I decided to keep the pen inked up and in my accumulation.

I’ve yet to write the pen dry, the Kaweco Red Ink cartridge is about half empty. So why flush it? I recently acquired the Kaweco Brass AL Sport and immediately inked it up with the included blue cartridge. My Raw Aluminum Sport is also inked (black ink) and having three Sports inked is more than I need. And my newest pen had my least favorite ink color. So I decided to move the red cartridge to the Brass Sport and flush out this Black Stonewashed AL Sport.

I like black pens and I really like the look of this black stonewashed finish. The nib in it is very nice and the combination made me reconsider my decision to sell. While I don’t envision needing three Sports inked at once, it’s different enough from my brass and aluminum Sports for me to consider keeping it. If it remains unused for several months I reconsider my decision to keep it.

As I mentioned, the nib, an extra fine steel nib, is very nice. It’s smooth with a good flow and doesn’t skip. The Kaweco Red ink, in a cartridge flowed well. No skipping of hard starts, even when unused for several days. Despite being a pocket pen I rarely carried it in my pocket since my Raw Aluminum Sport already had that role. I did carry it in the pen loop of my Roterfaden Taschenbegleiter organizer which I did not expect at all. (I considering requesting the pen loop be removed But it was nice having red ink available when I needed it (I always had full size fountain pens with me too).

The Kaweco Red ink flushed out easily, just a couple squirts with the bulb syringe.

I’ll miss the Black Stonewashed Sport but look forward to watching the Brass Sport develop its patina as I use it.

Ink and Pen Notes: Caran d'Ache Geneve with Kaweco Red and Pelikan Edelstein Tanzanite

Caran d'Ache Geneve medium nib

Now that my Caran d’Ache Geneve review is finished I decided to flush the pen, even though I’ve been trying to write my pens dry. As I said in the review, the pen is a nice pen and a nice writer but it doesn’t grab my attention. I know I’d always be picking one of my other pens to use.
I had been using Pelikan Edelstein Tanzanite (also a cartridge) before the Kaweco Red and I had some annoying skipping problems with the ink. It was so annoying I swapped the ink.
I inked the Geneve with Tanzanite on Dec. 6th and in Dec 12th I got tired of the skipping and swapped it for a Kaweco Red cartridge without cleaning the pen.
The pen wrote well with the Kaweco Red cartridge. It’s your basic good nib with your basic good ink. Nothing spectacular but a problem free writing experience.

I take the photos with the pens shows any all signs of use, I don’t clean the nib or the photos. The macro shots sure do highlight all the dirt and dust. But the pen was writing just fine before the photo shoot.