Edison Nouveau Encore LE Flecked Tortoise photo

This Just In: Edison Nouveau Encore – Flecked Tortoise

The Edison Nouveau Encore Limited Edition in Flecked Tortoise that I ordered back in November arrived on Saturday. This is one of the special editions that Goulet Pens has done in conjunction with Edison Pens. This was a limited edition of which I received #07 of 70 so it’s no longer available for purchase new.

Why I Bought It

The color, plain and simple. Other contributing factors were that I’m a fan of Edison Pens and this is a model type I don’t currently have. The only negative was the small size of the pen.

I purchased mine with the fine steel nib which has become my preference for Edison pens.

First Impression

The looks of the pen did not disappoint. I especially like the translucent nature of the pen. Right now I’m using a convertor so I can try different inks with relative ease. I look forward to seeing how this pen looks as a eye dropper with the ink in the barrel.

The pen is small, at least for me. But it’s big enough to use without posting, which is my preference. The fine nib has a nice smooth flow so I can use a light touch when writing. This should help avoid fatigue although I’ve only used it for short sessions so far.

First Ink

I picked Diamine Ancient Copper as the first ink for the pen. I like the ink and it seems to get along with the pen quite nicely.


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This Just In: Pilot Vanishing Point Charcoal Marble 2012 LE

Pilot Black Marble VP

The second pen to be waiting for me when I got home last night was the Pilot Vanishing Point Charcoal Marble Limited Edition. The box calls it “Black Marble” but everyone is calling it “Charcoal Marble”.

I added this pen to my accumulation because I’m a huge fan of Vanishing Points and black pens. Although this isn’t really a black pen, the color is unique. The Charcoal Marble was even more impressive live than in pictures. My only hesitation in getting this was that it’s my fifth Vanishing Point which is more than I realistically would ever ink up at once. But once I saw the pen all buyer’s remorse vanished.

Each pen is engraved with its number around the center band. Mine is 1659 of 2012.

The only official nib is medium but I wasn’t concerned about the nib matching the box and being “official” for a collection. Many sellers are allowing nib swaps. I did consider getting the medium nib since I don’t have one among the interchangeable nibs I already have. But based on the way I used the VPs I decided to stick with a fine nib, even though it would be my third, I ordered from Richard Binder so expect the “Binderized” Fine nib to be a smooth writer right out of the box.

Vanishing Points use a proprietary Pilot cartridge or converter. The VPs are the few pens I regularly use with cartridges, but I’ll be starting this pen off with Montblanc Racing Green in the converter. I’s been a long time I used the Racing Green ink even though it was a past favorite.

I’ll have a review and more pictures once I’ve had some time using the pen.