Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – December 3, 2018

Pilot Vanishing Point Cherry BambooI wrote the Pilot Vanishing Point dry early this week. It had the Richard Binder XXXF nib along with a Blue-Black cartridge from Pilot. One thing I like about Vanishing Points is the ease of moving the nibs/ink to a different barrel. That said, the Cherry Bamboo barrel (which isn’t actually bamboo, but is wood) has grown to be my favorite so there wasn’t much (if any) swapping . This is the second time the pen went dry since inked up in June. The first time I simply swapped in a new cartridge. This time I think I’ll give it a bit of a break. But I may miss the ease of use as a shirt pocket carry.

I swapped the Retro 51 Tiki Kona for my Ugly Sweater Retro 51 as my pocket carry (in my Nock Co. Fodderstack XL. I like the extra girth of the Tiki, but the ugly sweater is more in keeping with the season. Paired with my Vanishing Point in the Fodderstack it would rarely get used. But I’ve begun swapping fountain pens in the Fodderstack, so the rollerball may get used more since the fountain pen may not be appropriate for quick notes on the go. Juggling a notebook, pen and pen cap isn’t risk-free.

Since there’s little change in my inked pens I won’t be publishing a “currently inked” post as December begins. Hopefully I swap in som new pens and ink by mid-month.


Cult Pens has brought Pens For Kids back this year.

When Your Grail Pen Is F**king Expensive at the Economical Penman

My Favorite Disposable Pens at My Pen Needs Ink

Ms. Fountain Pen Manners: How to Respond to Someone’s Vile New Pen You Absolutely Hate, And More – at Fountain Pen Follies

Voyager 1 Fires Up Thrusters After 37 Years – Voyager 1 has been flying for just over 40 years and has gone 13 billion miles. The thrusters are finally beginning to degrade, so 37 years after they were last used the backup thrusters were tested and worked perfectly. The transmission of the results took over 19 1/2 hours to reach earth. Everything about this makes my head hurt trying to grasp it.


Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log

The week began with the first snow of the season, at least in my part of Connecticut. Just a dusting, but enough to be noticeable and require a few hours of sun to vanish. The week ended with long Thanksgiving weekend, at least here in the U.S., with temperatures up to the mid-50’s on Saturday.

I’ve still got a lot of pens inked as my usage continues to be low. I’m looking to change things up so I’ll probably flush a couple pens and ink up some new ones.

The same inked pens as November began

The same ink as the month began


Cross (and Sheaffer along with it) went from one investment company to another. Not sure much will change other than the coast where the owners live. The only positive comments in the article are quotes from the press release. Their new owners have a portfolio of 11 other brands, none stationery related. Even though the new owners have no overlapping stationery brands there were some employees let go as part of the sale and the new owners used the phrase “Transom and Cross executives developed a comprehensive restructuring plan…” in the article. So if I had to guess, the brands will continue to languish, especially in their fountain pen related product lines.

Liz from Wonder Pens shows us what’s in her pen role.

Down to a one pen rotation at And All Other Tasks.

Off-topic – OK, I’m old but I do remember using CompuServe, although I had moved on before the humiliation of their acquisition by AOL. I didn’t realize any part of them was still around and called “CompuServe” (but owned by Verizon), but as of December 15th the last remnants will leave us.



In Case You Missed It…

A couple vendor announcements I missed initially, so in case you did too they’re here. Plus a couple articles I enjoyed.

According to a blog post at Goulet Pens, Lamy will only be distributing extra fine nibs in Germany and Asia. So unless you’re in those areas you better get them while you can. Well, assuming you match my preference for extra fine nibs. This is only for the steel nibs. Gold nibs, such as on the Lamy 2000 are unaffected.

Nock Co. will be raising their minimum order for free domestic (US) shipping from $50 to $75. You have through June 4th to get your order in under the old minimum. I recently re-ordered some paper stock from them and upped my order a bit to get the free shipping (it’s not like I won’t use the paper). I remember thinking their cases are both more expensive and lighter than the paper products and it seemed like a good deal since $50 gets a lot of paper. Getting to $75 will mean even more paper, but like I said, it will get used. Maybe their paper products will join their cases at some retailers.

I thought this post from Goodwriter’s Pens about Sheaffer pretty much summed up my view of older Sheaffers, and disappointment with modern Sheaffers. Although she’s much more knowledgable about the quality and operating mechanics of their filling systems. I love their vintage material and nibs, along with some of the older, but still modern materials and nibs.

I also enjoyed this post about using index cards. I make use of a lot of index cards (and the previously mentioned Nock Co order including restock on the “good” cards. I don’t have anywhere near the system described. They’re mostly for short term notes/planning/brainstorming and end up in the trash after a few days.

Sunday Notes and Links – Final Edition

Photo of Currently Inked Pens - March 5, 2017My own writing was down this past week, although I did write one fountain pen dry after using it nearly a month. The remaining 10 are shown above.

This will be the final edition of Sunday Notes & Links. It’s gone on hiatus before, and I never say “never”, but my plan is that this is the last one. I’m not one who thinks bloggers need to explain what they do and why, but I’ve been doing these so long I figured I should mention it. The reason, in a nutshell, is that it’s time for a change. It may return in some form, but certainly not as a regular feature.

In related news, my FountainPen.Link Tumblr will no longer be a firehose of links, although it may get an occasional update.

If you’re looking for a weekly links post check out The Week-Appointed Desk and The Gentleman Stationer, both of which publish a weekly links post.

Pen Shows & Clubs

The Baltimore Pen Show is going on this weekend. The Little Rock, AR pen show follows on March 17 – 19th.

What Others Are Using & Doing

My First Wax Seal! – SquishyInk

Tale of a Vandal Pen User: Transparency | Peaceable Writer

InCoWriMo – The Aftermath — The Finer Point

Standing the Test of Time (3) – Pens! Paper! Pencils!

March: The Six Pen Challenge! – Hand Over That Pen

My Modest Ink Collection — The Finer Point

Misc Links

Schneider 670 Fountain Pen | East…West…Everywhere

A feel for fountain pens | Living | The Journal Gazette

Stainless steel nibs for everyone — Alt. Haven

Vintage Pen News: 20-year anniversary

Crónicas Estilográficas: Changes in Tokyo. 2017 Edition

Sunday Notes and Links – February 26, 2017

Currently Inked - February 26, 2017

All the same fountain pens and ink as last Sunday

A lot of fountain pen usage this week when compared to my normal week. I mixed up the usage among my 11 inked pens so none were written dry. A lot of planning and brainstorming using pen and paper in addition do my usual daily writing.

Pen Shows & Clubs

The first of two March Pen Shows happens March 3 – 5th in Baltimore, MD. The Little Rock, AR pen show follows on March 17 – 19th.

The Inaugural GNYPIG Meet-Up | From the Pen Cup // A great acronym and sounds like fun. My hopes went up briefly when I saw New York, but this is about as far from me as you can get and still be in NY.

Gourmet Pens: First Dutch Fountain Pen Group Meet!

Nows as good of time as any to hype my Fountain Pen Clubs & Meetupspage and my US Pen Show Schedule page

What Others Are Using

What’s in My Pen Roll – Winter Is Ending – Wonder Pens – Life Behind a Stationery Shop

The Cost Disease — Pen Economics

The Frugal Fountain Pen: Why the Noodler’s Ahab is One of My Favorite Pens

A Static Yet Evolving Fountain Pen Collection – Pete Denison  // Excellent post that came through my feed as I was compiling this post, so no comments yet. But it was too good to hold for next week.

Misc Links

Pelikan’s M700 Series « The Pelikan’s Perch

Crónicas Estilográficas: Pilot Cartridges and Converters 2017

Sunday Notes and Links – February 19, 2017

Currently Inked - February 19, 2017

Currently Inked

It was an interesting week with fountain pens, at least when compared to other recent weeks. Early in the week I decided I wanted some variety but didn’t want to flush any pens. So I inked up six fountain pens to bring me to 12. It ended up being a messy day. No actual spilled ink but I had more ink on my fingers than anytime else in recent memory. I had more of a problem getting ink into the pens than on my fingers. But the problems didn’t end there.

The Sheaffer Balance Oversize from the DC show didn’t take in any ink, which I noticed the next day as the feed went dry. After experimenting with plain water I moved the pen to the repair queue. There must be a hole in the sac or a similar problem. Was I too aggressive cleaning it last time?

The second problem was with my Sheaffer PFM I with Montblanc Lucky Orange ink. The nib had been dry after spending the night nib up but flow would quickly returned after a few nib down moments. Then I left the pen flat on my desk for a day or two. The feed was all dry and crusty and more than gravity was needed to get it going. Rather than just wetting the nib to get it going I flushed it instead. I have a low tolerance for finicky pens these days. So inked pens quickly dropped to the 11 shown above.

Now I have to start using them.

Currently Inked Writing Samples - February 19, 2017

Currently Inked Writing Samples

On to the links…

Pen Shows & Clubs

The Los Angeles pen show is going on this weekend. The show is open to the public from 10am to 5pm today (Feb 19th).

Appleton Pen Club – Spring Cleaning – // March 16th at 7 PM in Appleton, WI

What Others Are Using and Doing

Ink Swatches | East…West…Everywhere // I’ve pretty much stopped doing swatches. But others are just starting.

InCoWriMo Toolkit — The Finer Point

Misc Links

Retro fountain pens push for placement in digital world – Kitchener-Waterloo – CBC News // Another mainstream press fountain pen piece. Nothing new here (prices are up, volume down, luxury item, etc… ) except a brick & mortar pen store is mentioned.

Tale from a Vandal Scribbler: Poetry As Uniting Force | Peaceable Writer // Not fountain pen focused, but a good read

Letter Writing Call To Arms! – The Well-Appointed Desk // Looking for a reason ti use those fountain pens?

Thoughts On Organizing Your Journals – Recording Thoughts // I’ve never considered doing any organization (there than by date) since I have no reason to do so. But if you have a reason (or don’t, but want organization anyway) here are some ideas.

The Chronoswiss Styloscope by Pelikan « The Pelikan’s Perch // beautiful dark green. I also find it interesting that an extra nib was sold with the pen and that the carry case had a a way to properly carry the extra along with the pen and a small note pad.

Parker Premier Luxury Brown PGT | // As much as I’ve wanted it to, Parker pens never pulled me into their realm. But I do enjoy reading about them when the writer is a fan of the brand.

Pelikan m805 Stressman | Wondernaut in the world of stationery wonders // One of my favorite pens but it’s not for everyone. I was lucky enough to try the various Pelikan sizes at a pen show so I knew it worked for me. Wondernaut was able to borrow one a found that it wasn’t.

Sunday Notes and Links – February 12, 2017

Currently Inked Pens and New Ink - Feb 12, 2017

Currently Inked Pens and New Ink

My fountain pen usage stayed about steady with the previous week. Which means it was about normal for me. I did write two pens dry on Saturday. The Visconti Homo Sapien and the Aurora Optima. Neither one has been replaced. A new bottle of ink (Akkerman Dutch Masters 09 Steenrood “Red Stone” van Vermeer) made it’s way to me once the snow was cleared. I’m debating which pen to put it in.

Pen Shows & Clubs

The Los Angeles pen show is at the end of this week, from February 16th to 19th. (I wrote the same sentence last week, but this week it’s true.)

What Others Are Using

Scribbles and Stationery – My 2016 – scribbles and stationery

Misc Links

Pen Buying Flowchart – The Well-Appointed Desk // Yup

Review: Montblanc Irish Green — Alt. Haven // A long-time favorite ink of mine.

Pen Review: Visconti Homo Sapiens Dark Ages — The Gentleman Stationer // My least favorite Homo Sapien finish, but that’s totally subjective.

Please Write! Confessions of a Lousy Pen Pal | From the Pen Cup

Nib Novice, Part 8: Platinum Preppy Conversion | Pens and Junk

Vintage Pen News: A hidden nib imprint

Penn State Industries Pen Kit Review – My Pen Needs InkMy Pen Needs Ink

Crónicas Estilográficas: Anonymous

Fountain Pen Review: Kaweco Classic Sport Red | Rants of The Archer

Parker Duofold Norman Rockwell LE |

KMPN: Pilot Custom Urushi (2016)