Sunday Notes and Links

I updated my Franklin-Christoph Model 40 Pocket review. I found it too difficult and time consuming to clean as an eye dropper. I was also concerned about staining as inks seemed to be harder to flush from this pen then they were in others. More in the update at the bottom of the original review.

I’m running a poll: Ink from the Bottle Or Cartridge. Currently bottled ink users have a commanding lead. Which do you use? Bottle, cartridge or both

Cult Pens is accepting Pens For Kids donations. If you live outside the UK and only buy the pens for donation there’s no shipping charge. Although the transaction goes through as if there’s shipping I can verify the shipping charge is removed before the credit card is charged as they say it will be. (via The Pen Addict podcast)

Edison Menlo Pump Filler

Goldspot has opened voting for their 2013 Pen of The Year. My vote? reviews the Kaweco ART Sport fountain pen. I’ve recently acquired my first Kaweco and have become a fan. This one gets added to the wish list.

Grandmia Pens has a video up on the Northern Pen Show (UK). Another video peak of a pen show for those of us who couldn’t go.

Congratulations to the Andersons who had the grand opening of their retail store yesterday.

Ink Reviews

Gourmet Pens reviews Kaweco Aubergine Purple (Summer Purple). Not a premium ink for me, although I did recently get some Kaweco cartridges which are even more expensive on a per ml basis.

The Unroyal Warrant reviews Noodler’s Blue Eel. I’m not a fan of blue inks so another one I won’t be adding to my ink drawer.

Sunday Notes and Links

Links that caught my interest this past week…

Gourmet Pens reviews the Gate City Readyfill. A pen that interested me due to its unique filling system. But once I held it at a pen show I knew it would be to thin and small to be comfortable for me, but still a cool pen.

The Clicky Post looks at the Kaweco Classic Sport Demonstrator. I’ve had a AL Sport for awhile and was about to pull the trigger on ordering two more Kaweco pens. After reading this review I added a third to the order.

Ink Reviews

Diamine Salamander at The Pen Addict

Montblanc Leonardo Red Chalk has been added to the Inkcyclopedia


Sunday Notes and Links

Parker Duofold Senior "Big Red"

Slow week here on FPQuest, I had a review ready to go then the pen started acting up a bit so I decided to hold off. Hopefully it’ll be ready this coming week.

Some articles of interest from the past week…

Inkophile is running a poll on our favorite pen nibs. My extra-fine nibs are currently in the lead.

Peaceable Writer, in Tale of a Vandal Pen Collector: Slugs Are Featured, profiles a pen made by Shawn Newton.

The latest Goulet Q&A video is on Using Your Fountain Pens. There’s also some giveaways and contests which you can learn about on their website.

Anderson Pens announced their new Brick & Mortar store which will be opening soon. The post is here but they first announced it on their podcast. Unfortunately for me 1100 miles is a little far for a lunch-time walk. Good luck!

I love Sheaffer Balance fountain pens and their variations of green in their vintage pens. So Mildred’s Pen: Sheaffer Lady Balance (Marine Green Striated) at From the Pen Cup is drool-worthy.

Ink Reviews

Iroshizuku Syo-ro at Inktronics (with a giveaway through Nov 8th although you must subscribe the JetPens newsletter.

Diamine Onyx Black at Informal Scribble.

Diamine Hope Ink at Inkdependence.

Rohrer & Klinger Alt-Bordeaux is added to the Inkcyclopedia at FPGeeks.

Sunday Notes and Links

Notes & Updates


I’m writing up my Franklin-Christoph Model 40 Pocket review (look for it on Tuesday) and I’ve run several inks through the pen. I’ll cover them in the pen review, but I’ve updated the ink notes for Montblanc Burgundy Red, Sailor Jentle Epinard, Private Reserve Invincible Black and Noodler’s X-Feather with my experiences using them in a Needlepoint nib.

Holy Smokes Batman! My WordPress stats tell me that Saturday set a new record for page views in one day on this site, breaking the old record of 774 set back in March. Thanks mainly to links from the Pen Addict and The Well-Appointed Desk to recent posts. Thanks!

Links I found interesting…

JustDaveyB hit 200 bottles of ink with pictures.

From the Pen Cup has a Flawed and Wonderful: Parker Vacumatic in Azure Blue

FPGeeks announces the PLATINUM #3776 Jupiter Marble Ebonite Fountain Pen which is hard for me to resist.

Ink Nouveau (Goulet Pens) shows us the new black Vanishing Point nibs.

Ink Reviews

De Atramentis Plum at edjelley

Leigh Reyes gives us a look at colors at The Diamine Flower Ink collection

Stipula Florentine Red at Gourmet Pens