Sunday Notes and Links

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen a picture of my newly arrived Stipula Vedo. I won’t be writing about it here. The Stipula emblem fell off (and was lost) before the pen was inked. Since I got it from Amazon a return seemed the best choice. It was their last one, and at a price lower than other sources, so I went the refund route. The pen was on the short side, but still comfortable to hold. It was just barely long enough to use without posting, but just barely. I probably would have posted this pen for anything more than a few sentences.

Now on to the links that caught my attention….

FPGeeks is running a couple of giveaways. Their giving away a Pelikan M800 Tortoise and their also having a limerick contest for a TWSBI Mini and some ink.

While on the subject of FPGeeks they also posted their awesome review of the Edison Beaumont Pneumatic. It’s a pen that intriques me but one that I want to see and touch before buying one. I may wait for the filling system to appear on other Edison pens.

JetPens has a post about 5 pen patents.

The Pen Addict has a review of the new Davis Leatherworks notebook cover sized for Field Notes and similar notebooks. They look great and even though I don’t need one I may end up with one anyway.

Inkophile has a overview of the Platinum #3776 Century fountain pen.

EdJelley has a review of Noodler’s Borealis Black. A nice looking ink but the ink properties will probably keep it out of my pens. He’s also been making a lot of changes to his site so be sure to visit if you haven’t been there recently.

I’d never heard of Whitelines notebooks until recently and now I see them mentioned a lot. Gourmet Pens has a thorough review of the A5 notebook.

Sunday Notes and Link

A few links that caught my attention this past week…

Ink Nouveau (Goulet Pens) has news that Caran d’Ache has discontinued their entier line of inks and will be replacing them with all new inks. Their new inks will be even higher priced than Pilot Iroshizuku inks.

Ink of me Fondly has a review of Noodler’s Tiananmen ink. It’s an ink on my list to try, although it’s moved way down the list after reading this review. (via PenAddict)

Gourmet Pens has a review of a Ken Carvers Green Swirl Acrylic fountain pen. It’s a beautiful pen, but as I was reading the review I was thinking “better in ebonite”. But she followed up with a strong argument for acrylic.


Sunday Notes and Links

The big news this weekend is the Los Angeles Fountain Pen Show. One of my goals for the year is to get to a pens show during the year although LA is about 2,500 miles too far. I’m hoping to get to the Long Island Pen Show in March. It’s close enough to get there and back in a day while still spending less time in the car than looking at pens. The LI Pen Show seems on the smaller side but should be good preparation for the Washington D.C. show later in the year.

My pen show plans have helped me keep my pen impulse purchases at bay. The new Pelikan M800 Tortoise is a beautiful pen that’s been hard to resist, despite the cost. Especially now that it’s begun tio ship and I’m seeing reviews like this video from Stephen Brown.

Other links that caught my interest this past week…

GourmetPens has a review of the Graf von Faber Castell Anello Titanium fountain pen. A thorough review of a great looking pen. At $625 (list) it’s a bit pricey. But it’s on my pen show list for later this year, at least to see it in person.

I wouldn’t mind if a pen from the Arte Italiana Noir Collection became my first Omas and next stealth pen.

From the Pen Cup has some relatable stories about the Good, Bad and Ridiculous in the pen world.

FPGeeks has been covering the LA Pen show. Friday, Saturday photos. This weeks podcast will be from the show.

EdJelly has a handwritten review of J. Herbin 1670 Rogue Hematite ink. I haven’t used very much of this ink from the bottle I have. Great color but I have severe smudge problems with it. He’s also starting a Trading Post for ink and paper.

Rants of the Archer has a review of Sailor Jentle Grenade, a red ink. I’ve only tried one Sailor ink, the Black I received with my Sailor Pro Gear which I did like. (via The Pen Addict)

The Pen Addict has an article about apps not replacing pen and paper for everything. I agree with his sentiment…

… I love my pens and paper even more…

Sunday Notes and Links

About two weeks ago on Pens Paper Inks … Whatever Julie B published pictures of her pen collection, just under 100 of them. This week those pictures got captions to identify the pens. Always fun to see a pen collection. A lot of nice pens, but this is one of the few times I didn’t come away with a urge to get some new pens. Like I said, a lot of nice pens so I think it means I’m content with my current accumulation. At least for now.

Inktronics has a review of the U.S.S Constitution fountain pen. An interesting pen made from a bit of local history.

Crónicas Estilográficas has an article comparing gold and steel nibs. (via) For my part, if I have a choice of nib material I go with the less expensive steel.

With over 2 1/2 feet of snow on the ground outside my window it’s a good day to do some reading. The Pen Addict hosted this months Carnival of Pen, Pencil, and Paper and there’s a lot of good reading in the list.  I enjoyed the article about pen ergonomics from the JetPens blog. A little different than the standard fare and one I missed when it was first published.

Sunday Notes and Links

Some of my favorite reading the past week:

EdJelley has a handwritten review of Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-Syogun ink. I recently started using this ink, my first Iroshizuku, and it’s become a favorite of mine.

JetPens has a blog post about turning the Pilot Petite1 in to an EyeDropper. I have one of these pens although I’ve yet to use it. I’m not sure I’d want an eyedropper conversion on a pen that will probably be bouncing around in my pocket, but an interesting idea.

While I just recently tried a Iroshizuku ink, Gourmet Pens got the complete lineup. It makes for some impressive ink bottle porn.

From the Pen Cup has a review of the Faber-Castell Basic. I have the black leather version of the pen. I haven’t found the nib to be quit free flowing with the inks I’ve used, although it is a wet writer.

Writer’s Bloc Blog has a review of the Pilot Metropolitan (obsolete link removed). (via Pen Addict)