Sunday Notes and Links

It’s not actually Sunday yet, at least in my corner of the earth. But I just finished an annoying pen cleaning session and wanted to relax with some reading. So here’s some links and notes but first I’ll gripe about cleaning the pens.

I started with cleaning the Sailor Black out of my Sailor Pro Gear Imperial. I didn’t really need to remove all traces since it would be getting a refill of the same ink. So naturally, all traces of the ink were gone in two flushes of an ear syringe.

Then it was on to cleaning the Diamine Ochre from my Edison Collier. It took seemingly forever to remove all traces of the red dyes. It wasn’t dried out or stained and the water actually looked clear after a couple of flushes. But every time I shook the nib into a paper towel there were those red traces. Did some soaking and more flushes than I could count to remove all traces. Almost refilled the pen with ink as the path of least resistance to cover up the remaining traces.

The third ink was Waterman Blue-Black which wasn’t bad at all. Not as easy as the Sailor Black, but not nearly as rough as the Ochre.

That was enough work so it was time to read some links I saved up over the week.

Anderson Pens and Edison Pens have extended the buying period for their LE bulb filler. I like both pens, especially the ebonite one. They’re making it tough, but I’m still going to pass on these.

FPGeeks is giving away a Delta Fusion 82 fountain pen. marketing BS aside, this seems like a nice pen so I’ll be entering. Besides, the entry is via snail mail so it’s a great reason to use a fountain pen. The pen seems like a pretty good value based on their review. If I don’t win I’ll add it to my list of pens of interest.

Also at FPGeeks, Stephen Brown had an Inkcyclopedia entry for Montblanc Toffee Brown. I like the ink and naturally I want it. But I already have some brown ink samples to work through so I’ll wait until it makes sense to get a sample.

I thought I was nuts when I added three Platinum 3776 Century pens to my accumulation at year end. But I’m not alone as Inkophile also has 3 on their desk to start the year.

EdJelly has a review of the Banditapple Carnet Handy Notebook. I had been interested in these because they seemed reasonably priced. The review saved me some money.

I don’t have any vintage pens and I can’t say I have a interest in a specific vintage segment, but I do love reading through Greg Minuskin’s¬†website. Since there’s so many reasonably priced pens there it’s probably only a matter of time before I give in and add a vintage pen to my collection.

Lastly, Inkdependence has a review of Diamine Ancient Copper, one of my favorites and currently in my Edison Nouveau Encore.


Sunday Links and Notes

Some parts of the web caught came through my RSS reader and caught my attention this week:

Ed Jelley published a review of the Black ‘n’ Red Notebook only a couple hours before I was heading out to Staples for some last minute gifts. Based on his advice and warning I picked one up while I was there. I used it for my weekly ink post this week. First impression is good but be sure to read his review before you blindly buy one.

The Inkdependence Blog is new to me so I spent some time reading through it. I was happy to see he had the same problems with the Scribal Workshop ink as I did. I wasn’t happy he had problems, just that I finally read a review that mentioned the flow problems and it wasn’t just me.

Levenger is offering 25% off through December 26th with the promo code “HOLIDAY”. There are some exclusions including many non-Levenger fountain pen brands, so be sure to check the details. But a good offer if you need to stock up on notebooks, ink or paper and like their stuff.

I just ordered a Platignum Studio pen from Goulet Pens although I haven’t received it yet (because I just ordered it, not because of Goulet Pens). While Ivan Romero published a review of it on his Inktronics blog before I placed the order, I just read it today. I ordered the Orange as part of my low-cost fountain pen quest. I’d passed it over for many of the same reasons he also originally passed it over, but decided to add it when I went back to order other supplies.

I was happy to see the Edison/Goulet Encore LE’s are done and will be shipping out after Christmas. Can’t wait to get mine.

That’s it for this Sunday.

Happy holiday to those who celebrate Christmas.

Sunday Ink Notes – December 16, 2012

Not much changed on the Fountain Pen front this week. I’m still trying out my brown inks. The results for one ink is decided and I’ll have a post about it tomorrow. I haven’t decided if I’ll fill it with another brown ink or use up a couple other pens first.

There were some links worth reading today. This posting at From The Pen Cup took a couple hours out of my Sunday afternoon. Not because the article was such a long read. While it was an interesting article it sent me off to Jet Pens to look for the ink, which I found. Then I started looking at comparable fountain pens, which I found. But then that led me to looking around the Jet pens site for other low cost fountain pens. Which I found.By the time I was done I had 10 low-cost pens in my cart along with some ink and a notebook I decided to try. Jet Pens is a dangerous place to browse. I think I took as much stuff out of my cart as I left in.

The Inkophile had several good links. Rather than repeat them here just visit the fountain pen link post. The fountain pen database puts my spreadsheet to shame and the Diamine Music Collection of inks is going to cost me money, and cause me to break my resolution to not buy any new inks next year.

The latest pen addict podcast was about collecting Field Notes notebooks. I never knew there was such a thing. I listened to the podcast but still don’t quit understand. I like and use Field Notes but I can’t understand paying $50 for a set and not using it. Nothing wrong with it, I just don’t get it. Then again, people say the same thing about my fountain pens.

There’s another giveaway at FPGeeks. This time more samples plus a notebook. Check it out before December 19th.