This Week’s Ink (and Watch): February 16, 2013

No changes from last week’s ink. So visit that ink post for the details of what’s in these pens. I want to concentrate on using the pens that have the Diamine Music Collection in in them for the week ahead so didn’t bother replacing or refilling the couple other pens that are low on ink.

[Picture corrected on Feb 23rd]

Pictures of pens inked for the week ahead

I also have a small collection of mechanical watches. Most are automatic although a hand wound one snuck in there. I tend to wear a watch for a week or two at a time then swap it. Today I switched to the Lum-Tec M52.

Wrist shot of the Lum-Tec M52
Lum-Tec M52
Lum-Tec Model 52 photo
Lum-Tec Model 52

The M52 has a scratch resistent 44mm wide Tungsten case with a sapphire crystal and caseback. It uses a Sii NH35 automatic movement that includes a date along with the ability to handwind and hack. The dial is black although frequently appears blue depending on the light, which is an effect I really like. Lum-Tec’s generally come with multiple bands and I prefer the leather with this watch. Other bands were a bracelet and a rubber (anti-static) band.

The Lum-Tec’s can be considered a bit pricey but my one customer service experience was top notch (a warranty repair on another watch). They also sell for a discount during the pre-order period or when they sell the demos. Even discounted they are too expensive for me to get every watch I would want, but what I consider a good value for the ones I have (two in hand, two more -pre-orders).

Lum-Tec M52 caseback
Sapphire caseback showing the inner working of the Sii NH35 automatic movement

I’m a sucker for clear casebacks so the inner workings are visable.