Ink & Pen Notes: Sheaffer Snorkel with Extra Fine Nib and Waterman Red

Sheaffer Snorkel extra fine nib with Waterman Red ink

I inked up my burgundy Sheaffer Snorkel with Waterman Red ink with the intent that it would be refilled with the same red ink and kept inked up for months. This is because the snorkel filling system has to be the hardest one to clean out. Since the snorkel bypasses the feed when filling the pen the water also bypasses the feed when flushing the pen. I picked Waterman Red since it’s a safe ink to be kept in a pen for a long, long time.

Well, the pen was inked for four months, but that was just one fill. I just didn’t use the pen that much. I typically picked the Esterbrook Dip-Less when I wanted red ink while sitting on my desk and I just didn’t carry the Snorkel when I went out. The nail in the coffin was when I inked up my Kaweco AL Sport with red ink. Since it’s a small pen I do carry it more.

I didn’t have any problems with the pen. It wrote immediately whenever I uncapped it and didn’t skip at all.

As expected, cleaning the pen is a pain. I fill and flush the pen to clear and remaining ink out of the sac then go to work on the feed. I fill the barrel with water and shake the water through the feed multiple times. I also hold the nib/feed in a ultrasonic cleaner (UC) to help force the ink out. Once the pen seems clean I leave it sitting in a tissue for a day to try and wick out any remaining ink. These seems to work despite being a very long process. It has become shorter since I added the UC.

The four months with the ink didn’t cause any additional problems with cleaning. There wasn’t any noticeable staining.

I like the pen although it’s too thin for me to use for long writing sessions. Since I usually use red for marking up documents or other short notes red was an ideal color for the pen. Plus it matches the fountain pen. It will probably be a long time before I ink this pen up again, yet I did like the combination.

When taking the photos I noticed that the nib is slightly misaligned with the feed. This didn’t affect the pen performance at all so while the aesthetics bugs me, I left it as-is.

Ink and Pen Notes: Sailor 1911M Broad Nib With Waterman Purple

Sailor 1911M Broad nib with Waterman Purple bottle

I just reviewed my nearly 10 year old Sailor 1911M with a broad nib. Since it’s a broad nib I probably would have flushed the pen after the review, but as it turned out I wrote the pen dry while writing the review.
There’s not much to say about this pen and ink. Broad nibs aren’t for me so it’s not a pen I’d reach for a lot if I wasn’t doing a review. The nib is nice and smooth with a good flow, a little on the wet side. While it is a broad nib, it’s a narrow broad when compared to Pelikan or Schmidt nibs. But still too wide for my tastes.
The Waterman ink is, well, Waterman ink. It’s well behaved and looks good. Waterman was my first bottled ink so I’ve been using it a long time. It kind of fell from use for me, probably because I viewed it as a “starter” ink and wanted to move on to other options. I’ve started using it again and I’m reminded of what I’ve been missing.